The 5 Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener Choices on the Market

Dull kitchen knives are not only difficult to work with. They could also cause injuries because they may slide through from the ingredients you are chopping to your fingers. That is why it is very important to have a good knife sharpener and sufficient skill to use it well.


When it comes to this kitchen must-have, there are a handful of options available. Since we are in the 21st century and people prioritize convenience and precision, electric knife sharpeners have grown quite popular although there remain a good stock of manual units in home stores.

Here, we will give you five of the best kitchen knife sharpeners that will make you enjoy sharper, safer knives.

1. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener


Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

This is one of the best automatic knife sharpeners in the market. It is ideal for non-serrated knives that need to be razor sharp every single time. The Presto 08800 features a two-stage sharpening system.

The first one is a precision sharpener that holds the knife at an ideal angle and keeps it there while the unit grinds through the blade. The second stage is the honing system where your blade’s edge will be polished to perfection.

This is the perfect unit for regular blade tune-ups not just for your kitchen knives but also for your sporty knives.

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2. Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener


Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener

If you have at least some skill in working with a sharpening rod, this is one of the best choices around. The Messermeister sharpener features a 12-inch ceramic rod with a plastic soft-grip handle.

It helps hone blade edges while keeping them aligned so they remain sharp. The key to making the most out of a sharpening rod is finding the best angle for your knife and hold it in place as you hone it. If you are able to do that, you could maintain your knife’s quality and excellent function.

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Check out how the great Gordon Ramsay uses a sharpening rod.

3. Knife Sharpener By Zealworld


Knife Sharpener By Zealworld

There is no need to deal with blunt knives again if you choose this knife sharpener by Zealworld. It features a two-stage sharpening system that would give your blades a razor edge difference.

Plus, it comes with a cleaning brush, which you could use after sharpening as an easy care and maintenance measure. Zealworld’s knife sharpener also has a superb design towards comfort and safety.

It has a soft grip handle that secures the unit in place as you glide the blades through the ceramic rods in push and pull motion in order to sharpen them.

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4. Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic


Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

To have a full sharpening kit in your pocket, you need a Lansky BladeMedic. It may be small but it is definitely big in function. It can refine kitchen knives, serrated blades, gut hooks, and just about any type of blade you have at home.

It is also very simple and easy to use. It has carbide and ceramic grinds that can restore your blade after a few strokes, a serrated ceramic sharpener that can penetrate through serrations, and a diamond tapered rod that is perfect for honing.

The best part of all, this pocket-sized knife sharpener is less than $10.

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5. Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System


Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System

This is the best kitchen knife sharpener of old, which took after the earliest techniques. It features three types of stones that are built into a triangle rotating block design.

One is a coarse synthetic stone, another is medium synthetic, and the third one is made of natural fine Arkansas stone. Each stone provides a different outcome, depending on the type of knife you are working on.

The use of sharpening stones is associated with our ancestors who hone their knives for hunting through the use of natural stones. These days, ceramic and diamond stones are also used in addition to whetstones.

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Knife sharpening is made easy by using the available tools in the market. Sharpeners are widely varied, created for different techniques, including stone sharpening, honing, and stropping.

When you pick a unit to maintain the sharpness of your kitchen blades, keeping them safe and convenient to use, always put your vote on that one design that is suitable for your needs, requirements and budget.

With various products on both ends of the spectrum, choosing the best knife sharpener for you is not at all difficult. You just have to be aware of the differences between each unit and how well they could work for your purpose.

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