Best Wet Stone Knife Sharpener 2018

Having a sharp knife ensures that the blade won’t plunge right into your fingers after slipping from the pieces of food you are trying to cut. It also ensures that the cut of the food will be uniform so the presentation will look better and more appealing. There is always a constant need to whet the knives because the more a knife is used, the duller it becomes. Today there are plenty of options for you to sharpen your kitchen knife.

It can be done with the help of electric knife sharpeners which are all over the market. These are automated and you no longer need to do things the hard way. But some still prefer to do it old school with a wet stone knife sharpener because nothing can really beat doing things the traditional way. Whetstones have been around for a long time and nowadays it’s a must-have for every household to sharpen knives. Below are the best wet stone sharpeners for your knives.

1. Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System



The Smith’s TRI-6 Three-stone Sharpening System is composed of three kinds of stone, a 400 grit Coarse Synthetic Stone, a 600 grit Medium Synthetic Stone, and a 1,000 to 1,200 grit Natural Fine Arkansas Stone. These three stones are arranged in a pyramid and attached to a rotating pin.

They are then encased in a molded plastic container that is equipped with handles on both ends for easy access on each of the stones. You begin with the coarsest stone to get the biggest knicks and flaws out and work your way through the medium stone and end by honing on the finest grit. This is a knife sharpener that ought to be in every kitchen and workshop.

2. King Two Sided Sharpening Stone with Base



Some of the best blades in the world come from Japan, and it takes the best sharpening products to keep them that way. The King Combination Stone is a product of Japan’s long history of blade excellence. It is composed of a #1000 grit on one side of the bar for heavy-duty sharpening and another with a #600 grit on the other.

It also includes a stand where the sharpening bar sits. Take note however that if you are to use it for super dull knives or tools, it would take a very long time for you to re-profile them.

It is recommended that you use this for semi-dull knives. And while using whetstones may take a while, even with a good technique, it makes for a really good knife edge.


3. Kai Japanese Professional Knife Sharpening Stone



The Kai Knife Sharpener is an authentic Japanese product made with the finest materials to produce a #1000 grit size on the white colored side and #240 grit size on the brown side. It’s an excellent product for kitchen aficionados who have their own set of knives. It can sharpen any kind of blade, most especially those with smooth ones.

This is a well-known product for the accuracy and precision of the sharpness that can be achieved by its users. This pair of stones sits on a well crafted wooden base that is slip-proof and heavy duty.

4. Seido 600/1000 Grit Combination Corundum Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone



This wet stone knife sharpener comes with two sides, where you can sharpen your knives on one end and polish them on the other. The grit size on both sides measures 600 and 1000 respectively.

It is 7 inches long, 1.1 inches wide, 2.5 inches thick and weighs more than a pound. It’s a no-non sense tool that you can easily use every day. When not in use you can conveniently store this compactly sized sharpener inside the cabinet or the kitchen drawer.

You can also bring it along with you on your travels or during cookouts on your friend’s house.

5. Norton IM313 11.5″ Three Stone Sharpening System



The Norton wet stone system is comprised of three sharpening units namely, coarse crystolon stones, fine India, and medium crystolon. The brown colored medium crystolon, is generally used to sharpen dull knives as well as other tools while the coarse crystolon which feels like glass is being used for light sharpening.

The fine India is the orange stone used to polish the materials honed by the other two stones. These three stones are housed inside a plastic casing with a roller attached to each of the stones so you can access each of them easily.

The product comes with a bottle of the Norton sharpening oil which is needed to be applied to the three stones.

Honing your knives the old fashioned way has never been easier with wet stone knife sharpeners because you are in full control of the precision and accuracy of the blade’s sharpness.

Not only do you get to sharpen your knives for the next cook-off, but you also get to stretch out your arm muscles for a good knife re-profiling.


With the 5 whetstones above, all you have to do is get a little practice to get your technique up to speed, you’re on your way to having your knives sharpened to the next level.

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