Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

Yum, delicious home made fudge. What can I say? It’s been around forever and it’s still extremely popular to this day! In this recipe you are getting the best of both worlds because peanut... [more]

Bean Burrito Recipe

Here is a quick and easy way to make your basic bean and cheese burrito. I haven’t cooked a lot of Mexican food or really posted many Mexican recipes on here but I’m going... [more]

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Nothing but some classic comfort food here – Chicken pot pie. This is a recipe that dominates anything you can buy frozen in the store. Unfortunately, this does require a lot of prep work... [more]

Chow Mein Recipe

Chow Mein is quite possibly my favorite Chinese noodle dish. If you are not familiar with Chow Mein it is a stir fry dish with noodles, lots of vegetables and a delicious sauce. There... [more]

Bourbon Chicken Recipe

I have saw this recipe for Chinese bourbon chicken literally all over the net and I just had to give it a try to see what everyone was raving about. Apparently a lot of... [more]

Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

I don’t eat a lot of salads but chicken Caesar salad is amazing. If you are looking for a nice and light meal this recipe is for you. Chicken Caesar salad is very popular... [more]