Rada Knife Sharpener Review: What You Should Know

Since 1948, it has been manufacturing high-quality kitchen knives that make life easier in the kitchen. All their products are made in America, starting from the raw materials up to the construction. Their products are sold by fundraisers, independent sellers, and their main website.

Aside from special knives like tomato slicer, paring knife, peeler and others, it offers utensils, stoneware, mixes, and cookbooks. Part of the utensils is their very own Rada knife sharpener designed for easy and safe use.

This product will ensure that your knives are sharp enough for optimum use. It is called the Rada Quick Edge Knife Sharpener. If you want to know more about this product, then continue reading this review.

Price and Parts

The Rada knife sharpener is designed for Rada cutlery but it can be used for other brands of knives as well. If you would like to bring back the sharpness of the knife blade back when you bought it, you must own this sharpener.

It is available for only $7.32 in Amazon, which makes it a wise purchase if you are using Rada knives for you, can benefit from the convenience knowing that the sharpener is compatible with your knives. It is a manual type of sharpener, as opposed to the electric or whetstone types.

It is a black sharpener that is 3.5 inches long and 2 inches tall. Parts include 2 steel wheels that can sharpen both blade sides simultaneously, left-handers that rotate the sharpener at 180° and a black nylon base.


Rada Cutlery Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

Ease of Use

The Rada Quick Edge knife sharpener is simple to use, as simple as its design. Before getting started, it is best to place a damp cloth under the sharpener to keep it from slipping. Place three of your fingers on the base of the sharpener to hold it firmly as you sharpen the knife with your other hand.

To sharpen, start at the end of the knife, slowly running in between the two wheels with slight pressure. Do this for about four to six times and it’s ready to use. Make sure to wipe the blade off first before cutting any ingredient just to remove any kind of metal shavings when you sharpen. This is how easy to use this product. You can place it on a table or bench and it is stable enough to sharpen your knife.

Effectiveness and Durability

Consumers looking for knife sharpeners want the product to be effective and durable. The materials used in manufacturing the Rada knife sharpener say a lot about its effectiveness and durability. The sharpener itself, which is the duals wheels, is made of high carbon, hardened stainless steel that can stand the test of time.

These wheels are the secret to a quickly sharpened knife for they make sure that the blades reach their finest point. The nylon base is also solid, sturdy and durable, and is designed to make sharpening safe and easy. The lifetime warranty offered by the company speaks for itself.


Rada Cutlery Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

Value for Money

Unlike complicated electric sharpeners or less effective stone sharpeners, this sharpener by Rada features a very simple design that makes it easy to sharpen knives. Its open construction makes it suitable for most blade type, even non-Rada products. It is not only for kitchen knives, for you can also bring it with you to harden your pocketknife or field knife.

Its small size makes it convenient to bring with you or store it just about anywhere. Most knife sharpeners do not work on serrated knives, but you can try Rada to sharpen your serrated knife, depending on how deeply the blades are serrated.

With its affordability, ease of use, effectiveness, and durability, the Rada knife sharpener is certainly worth the money. It is not exclusive for Rada knives, and you wouldn’t be overwhelmed to learn to use it for the first time. Unlike electric sharpeners, you can use this device just about anywhere because it is manually operated.

This also means you are choosing an eco-friendly product since the manufacturer works hard to reduce imprint and waste during the making of their products. Overall, this knife sharpener from Rada offers good value for money, no wonder it is widely accepted in the country.

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