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How to Make Eggplant Taste Good?

This one is for the eggplant haters of the world. I know you’re out there because a) I’m one of you, and b) there are many articles on the internet detailing why eggplant is the worst, along with dishes dedicated to all eggplant despisers. Despite the drama surrounding eggplant and its terrible, bland, bitter flavour, …

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Can you Substitute Confectioners Sugar for Granulated Sugar in Baking Recipes?

If you’re new to baking – or even a seasoned baker – you’ve come across an ingredient that has left you perplexed and scrambling for a substitute. Four sugars are used: granulated sugar, powdered sugar, confectioners’ sugar, and icing sugar. These ingredients are common in the baking world, and we frequently keep individual packets on …

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