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How Long to Heat a Fully Cooked Ham

Most times, we go for the fully cooked ham since they’re ready to eat, and we’ve come to enjoy their tasty slices in salads and cold sandwiches. But sometimes, we want a little extra in its flavor, and this is often gotten when the ham is reheated. Once it’s passed through this process, you’ll experience a deeper flavor and improved texture in the ham. But it helps to be certain how long it should cook before proceeding.

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How long to Heat a Fully Cooked Ham

Fully Cooked Ham- Why Is Cooking Time Important?

Fully cooked hams come ready to eat but certain recipes require we reheat them before serving. And while you may not see any fuss about it, you fall into the trap of overcooking the ham. Also, the instruction to eat fully cooked ham cold should only be taken seriously if the product has been packaged and inspected by government-approved plants. Anything outside this category must be cooked to doneness of 165F, regardless of being labeled as ‘fully cooked’.

Adding a Glaze

Most hams come with a pre-packed glaze packet, with instructions on how to prepare it. And you can use this glaze for the recipe or prepare one from scratch using selected ingredients. Hams taste best with a glaze that complements their flavor with a robust blend of savor and sweetness. So, most homemade glaze recipes use a combination of sweet and savory ingredients. It’s why you’ll find additions like brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, and fruit juice with some recipes also featuring Dijon mustard, jelly, and jam.

However, to add glaze to fully cooked ham, the surface must first be scored. The reason is the meat is already cooked, and would only spend a short time in the heating element. As such, you’ll want the sweet glaze caramelized over the ham in as far a depth as possible. So, score the ham by making several criss-cross lines over the meat till they form a diamond pattern. Note though that you won’t need to do this for pre-sliced fully cooked hams.

Fully Cooked Ham Heating Time

You can heat a fully cooked ham in an oven, but others have also done this using a slow cooker. Let’s touch on the procedures for both methods below;

In the Oven

Prep the oven to 350F, and set the fully cooked ham in a spacious baking pan. Pour about a quarter to half an inch of water into the pan, then stick a meat thermometer in its center. Heat the fully cooked ham for 10 minutes per pound, ensuring the meat reaches an internal temperature of 140F. If you’re heating a spiral-sliced ham, wrap it in heavy-duty foil beforehand and heat for 15 minutes per pound at 300F. Also, let the meat thermometer register an internal temperature of 140F.

In a Slow Cooker

You can prepare a fully cooked ham for a later menu using a slow cooker. Place the ham inside the pot and add a cup of water, stock, cola, or ginger ale. Then, cover and heat for eight to 10 hours on LOW, or until the meat thermometer read 140F.

More Tips

All fully cooked hams must be heated to internal doneness of 140F, and a meat thermometer helps for this purpose. For an accurate reading, ensure to stick its probe in the thickest part of the ham without touching the bone.

You can add the glaze after the ham is cooked by brushing it over the surface and heating it from 350F to 400F until it caramelizes. If the ham is small, do this under the broiler instead.

You can garnish the ham with pineapple slices, which should be added around 30 minutes before doneness. The slices should be secured in place with toothpicks, or for a more intense flavor, cloves.

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How long to Heat a Fully Cooked Ham

How to Heat a Fully Cooked Ham (3 to 4 Servings)

  • Author: Bobby


  • One fully cooked ham; three pounds, bone-in, with glaze packet
  • Pineapple slices
  • Maraschino cherries


Prep the oven to 350F, and while waiting, score the ham’s surface by cutting criss-cross lines on the skin. Continue until you form a diamond pattern over the ham, then place it in a large baking pan.

Add water to the pan to half an inch, and stick a meat thermometer at the thickest part of the ham. Then, heat for 45 minutes or until the meat thermometer registers 140F.

Before the ham is done, prepare the glaze packet as instructed. Then, brush it over the heated ham and broil for 10 to 15 minutes or until the sugar caramelizes.

Garnish the ham with the pineapple spices secured in place with toothpicks, then stick a cherry between each slice. A good way is to pin the pineapple slices at planned diamond patterns on the ham.

More tips can be found in this video.