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How To Cook NY Strip Steak On Grill

A strip steak is a cut of beef from the cow’s short loin. Strip steaks are made from the longissimus muscle, which requires minimal labor but contains a lot of fat, making it soft.

T-bone and porterhouse steaks are on the smaller side, while NY steaks are on the larger side. The only difference is the amount of beef tenderloin included in the t-bone and porterhouse cuts. You’ve probably heard of T-bone and porterhouse steaks. In any event, both of those steaks are a cross between filet mignon and strip steak. Strip steaks are slightly less soft than filet mignons, although they usually have more marbling. Of course, better marbling equals more flavor. The methods involved in cooking a steak will be discussed further down.

Strip Steak Nutrition Facts

How To Cook Ny Strip Steak On Grill

Grilling Tips to Cook the Perfect New York Strip Steak

  1. Check the temperature of your steaks: Without a reliable meat thermometer, grilling the perfect steak with consistency is impossible.
  2. Use a long set of tongs to flip your steak because we’re cooking at extremely high temperatures.
  3. Be Patient: The meat will be very tight coming off the grill due to the extremely high temperatures used for grilling this steak. If you slice the meat too early, you’ll lose all of the fluids.
  4. Use the hot grill: WDon’tforget about the sides. When planning this steak, Grilled broccolini or grilled baby bok choy are two vegetables that benefit from high direct he
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How To Cook Ny Strip Steak On Grill

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Step 1: Take your New York strip steaks out of the fridge about 45 minutes before you’re ready to cook them and season them with garlic salt and freshly ground pepper. Allow about an hour for the steaks and compound butter to come to room temperature.

Step 2: Preheat the grill to high direct heat and light the grill. You’ll want to get the coals as hot as possible and as close as possible to the cooking grate. To grill directly, preheat the grill to high. A grill brush can be used to clean the grill.

Check the temperature of the grill by holding your hand approximately 2 inches above it. Allow at least 15 minutes for a gas grill to warm with the lid closed.

Step 3: Coat the strip steaks evenly with olive oil and season generously with coarse sea salt. Set aside two parts of compound butter on each plate.

Step 4: Cook the steaks directly over the hot embers, flipping every 20 seconds. Place the steaks in a different area on the grill grate with each flip. This provides for the most effective scorching via conductive heat.

Step 5: Check the internal temperature of the steak after roughly five minutes of total cook time with a reputable quick-read meat thermometer. When the internal temperature of a medium-rare steak hits 115° F, remove it from the grill.

Step 6: Arrange steaks on top of butter pats and cover with aluminum foil. Allow for a five-minute resting period. Carry-over cooking will continue until the meat reaches a final temperature of roughly 125 degrees, which is the ideal medium-rare.

Step 7: To serve the steaks, slice them thinly and cover them with more compound butter. Grilled broccolini and roasted garlic mashed potatoes are a great side dish to serve with these steaks.

Notes on the Recipe

  1. You can use any grill, but it must be very hot. It doesn’t matter if you use propane or charcoal. Your grill should be turned on to the highest, and make sure your grill is allowed to be fully preheated before you begin to cook your steaks. A good, hot grill is important to ensure that these steaks are cooked to perfection and remain tender and juicy.
  2. One-inch thick steaks are recommended for this recipe because they will cook evenly and have a low risk of overcooking.
  3. Seasoning: Season with salt and pepper to taste. Other marinades and seasonings are permissible.
  4. Salt timing: Salt will draw water out of the meat, but it will reabsorb in 45 to 60 minutes, which is a good thing. So season at the beginning of the resting process or shortly before grilling, but not in between.
  5. It’s also worth mentioning the compound butter. The most delectable steak ever is made by laying your hot steaks right on the butter as it rests. The resting butter provides a lot of flavor to your steaks, so don’t skip it.
  6. Finally, but certainly not least. To perform this correctly, you’ll need an instant-read thermometer. Cooking hours are offered as a guideline for meal preparation, not as precise cooking instructions. Cooking should not be based solely on the passage of time. Make use of a dependable thermometer. Keep an eye on the internal temperature of your steaks while they’re on the grill with a reliable meat thermometer.

Cooking Time for NY Steak on Grill

These timeframes and temperatures factor in the fact that once the steak is withdrawn from the fire and placed on a cutting board, the temperature of the meat will continue to rise by several degrees. There are numerous variables, as with most cuisine. The size and thickness of the meat, its exact temperature, the grill temperature at the start of cooking, the amount of heat lost during flips, and your desired final internal temperature. To cook steaks properly, you’ll need an instant-read meat thermometer. The following are some timing guidelines for when cooking NY steaks:

Cooking time for NY Steak Cooking time
Rare 6 to 7 minutes
Medium rare 7 to 8 minutes
Well done 14 minutes

NY steak, when cooked correctly, tastes so tender and delicious. The various ways to achieve this and cook a mouthwatering tender steak have been discussed above. To get a more visual representation of how to cook Ny steaks on the grill, you can watch this video by clicking here.