Fruit Salad Recipe

This is a very simple and quick summer side dish – fruit salad. Fruit salad is very popular and if you go to almost any party or event, you will be sure to find... [more]

Szechuan Shrimp Recipe

This is one of the best Asian Shrimp dishes I have made in awhile. Szechuan shrimp may indeed even be better than my Szechuan chicken recipe! A few Chinese shrimp recipes I have tried... [more]

Onion Rings Recipe

Another great appetizer to go with your hamburgers or sandwiches is onion rings. Onion rings are sliced onions coated with a batter and fried. They can be found at nearly any restaurant or frozen... [more]

Potato Salad Recipe

A delicious side dish for summer is potato salad. I have tried a few different potato salad recipes and found this one to be really good. I feel it is important to use red... [more]

French Fries Recipe

French fries are popular in many countries and go by a bunch of different names. These are cut more like what you would consider potato wedges. I have tried a few different French fry... [more]

Greek Burger Recipe

The Greek burger is a fantastic choice if you enjoy outdoor grilling during the summer. Even if you don’t have an outdoor grill, an indoor grill pan will work as well. Traditionally this recipe... [more]