Kung Pao Shrimp Recipe

You might remember my recipe for Kung pao chicken, well here is something a little different – Kung Pao Shrimp or sometimes referred to as ‘shrimp with peanuts’. Kung Pao dishes are among my... [more]

Cranberry Bread Recipe

I have been enjoying making all these different types of breads lately. If you’re looking for ideas for Thanksgiving I would recommend trying this recipe for cranberry bread. This bread is sure to please... [more]

Cheesecake Brownies Recipe

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Mexican Pizza Recipe

Here’s a pizza that I found rather interesting – Mexican Pizza or some call it taco pizza. This pizza differs from most I have made because the crust is fried tortillas. Although I have... [more]

Thai Peanut Chicken Recipe

What’s the ultimate combination of chicken and peanut butter? Thai Peanut Chicken of course! If you have ever wondered what chicken and peanut butter would taste like together give this recipe a try. They... [more]

Steak Quesadilla Recipe

Another Mexican inspired recipe here today – steak quesadilla. I have made a few different types of quesadillas; chicken, bean and now steak.  I would say out of the three the steak is my... [more]