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How Long to Cook Jasmine Rice (3)

How Long to Cook Jasmine Rice

  • Author: Bobby


No-Rinse Jasmine Rice (3 to 4 Servings)


  • One cup jasmine rice
  • 1¼ cups water


  1. Add the rice and water to a saucepan- preferably one with a tight-fitting cover. Place the pot on medium-high heat with the lid off and let the rice reach a rapid simmer.
  2. Minimize the heat to medium or low and cover with the lid. Ensure to leave the lid on for the full 12 minutes or until all the water has been absorbed.
  3. Put the saucepan down with the lid still on and stand for 10 minutes. This waiting period is important as it allows the remaining moisture to soak into the rice.
  4. Fluff the jasmine rice with a spatula or rice paddle and serve as desired.

You can also check this video recipe for more ways to determine the cooking time for jasmine rice.