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Oven-Roasted Bacon Wrapped Asparagus (8 Servings)

  • Author: Bobby


  • Two pounds asparagus washed and dried
  • One pound bacon, center-cut
  • One teaspoon olive oil
  • Black pepper, freshly ground
  • Salt


  1. Cut off the woody ends of each asparagus stalk and toss in a bowl with the oil, pepper, and salt. Then, group them in bundles of twos, threes, or fours, depending on the thickness of the stems.
  2. Tie each asparagus bundle with a strip of bacon. Start by placing one end at the middle of the pile, then wrap,so the strip overlaps and holds the end in place. Continue until the bacon strip forms, secure a wrapper around the bundles, and tuck the other end.
  3. Arrange the bundles on the baking pan such that they don’t overlap. Then, roast in a preheated oven at 400F for 20 minutes. Take them out when the bacon strips are crisp and the asparagus is tender. Then, serve hot, warm, or cold, and with whatever toppings you prefer.

Another exciting bacon-wrapped asparagus idea can be found in this video recipe.