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How to Cook Anaheim Peppers

Roasted Anaheim Peppers

  • Author: Bobby


  • Raw Anaheim peppers


  1. Ignite your stove burner to the highest setting, then hold the pepper over direct flame until the skin starts to bubble and turn black. This process may take about a minute but continue until all its sides are fully blistered. If you can’t hold the pepper by your fingers, use tongs instead. You’ll want the pepper charred on all sides, but not burnt, so they’ll catch fire.
  2. Once it has fully blackened, transfer it into a container and cover. Then, repeat the process of charring and covering for as many more as you want. After charring, the peppers should be left covered to steam for five to 10 minutes. To improve the steaming time, try charring multiple peppers on two burners at once.
  3. After steaming the peppers, remove the charred skin with wet fingers or a damp towel. Then, slice a slit on the side, and remove the stems, veins, and seeds.
  4. Store the roasted Anaheim peppers in a container in the fridge, or keep them in freezer bags. If you’re using them at once, prep them your desired recipe.
  5. You can also freeze the peppers immediately after charring. First, let them come to room temperature, then keep them frozen in freezer bags. Ensure the bags are first squeezed of air. The blackened skins will peel off when the Anaheim peppers are defrosted.

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