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How to Cook Sausage Patties in an Oven

Baked Sausage Patties(8 servings)


  • Breakfast sausages, 16 oz.


  1. Prep the oven so it heats, and arrange a piece of parchment paper over the bottom of a rimmed baking pan. Ensure to press the paper down the corners, so it snugly fits. Then, set the rack to the center of the oven.
  2. Take the sausage out of its wrapping and slice it into two-ounce patties to get eight pieces. You can also mold it yourself if preferred. And once done, arrange the patties on the lined baking pan, ensuring that the pieces are evenly spaced.
  3. Once the oven hits 350F, slide the baking sheet onto the rack and close the oven door. Then, let the patties cook for 10 minutes, after which you flip them and let them cook for another three to six minutes. You’ll want the patties to hit 165F on a meat thermometer, by which time the center will be brown and no longer pink.
  4. Take out the tray and transfer the patties onto a plate lined with paper towels to drain the excess fat. Then, serve them hot and as desired.
  5. You can also store the cooked sausage patties in the fridge for five days or freezer for three months. However, raw sausage patties are best kept in the freezer and will hold for up to six months. But ensure that they’re stored in resealable freezer bags and squeeze enough air out of the bag before sealing if you’re dealing with cooked sausage patties.

If you’d like more help, take a look at this video recipe.

  • Author: Bobby