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How To Cook Rice In An Instant Pot

  • Author: Bobby



Step 1: Rinse the rice thoroughly.

Place the rice in a fine-mesh strainer and rinse for approximately a minute under cool running water, or until the water runs clear.

Step 2: In the Instant Pot, combine the rice, water, salt, and butter. Fill an Instant Pot or an electric pressure cooker halfway with rice.

It is important to note that there are changes in the water levels depending on the type of rice you’re using. Toss the rice with water and salt and mix to incorporate.

Step 3: Add the butter and don’t be concerned if it floats.

Step 4: Cook the rice in a high-pressure cooker. Place the lid on the pot and set the timer for high pressure cooking as follows:

  • 5 minutes for white rice
  • 10 minutes for brown rice
  • 15 minutes for wild rice

Step 5: It will take between 8 and 10 minutes for the Instant Pot to reach high pressure.

Step 6: Wait 10 minutes for the pressure to naturally drop. Allow for a 10-minute natural pressure release when the cooking time has ended.

Step 7: Remove any remaining pressure from the pan, fluff, and serve. Any leftover pressure should be released as quickly as possible.

Step 8: Remove the foil and fluff the rice with a fork before serving.