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How To Cook Tri-Tip On Gas Grill(1)

How to Cook Tri-Tip on Gas Grill

One of the best steak cuts for grilling is the triangle-shaped tri-tip beef roast, which comes from the bottom sirloin. When cooked on the gas grill and seasoned using the right flavor ingredients, it develops an unbeatable smoky flavor that will get you craving more. If this is one of such recipes you have never …

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How Long To Cook Tri Tip On Grill

If you’re not familiar with tri-tip, it’s a small triangular slice of beef cut from the sirloin that cooks up to be a beautiful, tasty piece every time. Tri-tip is the greatest, most undervalued, and most affordable beef for grilling, and learning how to cook it properly always yields delicious results. Cooking tri-tip on the …

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