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Baked Custard Recipe

Custard represents comfort food for me. It is probably because I remember it the way my mom and grandmother used to cook them. The delightful smell of custard always drew me to the kitchen. While some of you may love custard as is, I especially love baked custard, which adds more texture and flavor to …

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Lactation Cookies

Lactation Cookies Recipe

My wife and I recently had our second child and I prepared a triple batch of these lactation cookies to help her produce more breast milk. These lactation cookies are perfect for mothers that are breastfeeding and pumping to increase the amount of breast milk that they produce. Best of all, these cookies are delicious …

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Dirt Cake

Dirt Cake Recipe

Dirt cake is a simple and delicious cake to prepare for Halloween. This cake consists of crushed Oreo cookies layered with a chocolate pudding mixture. You can also add gummy worms if you want. The chocolate pudding mixture consists of chocolate pudding, cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and cool whip. You can crush the Oreo …

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Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow or also called monkey munch makes for a delicious and sweet snack that is great for the holidays. This recipe is called puppy chow but it is not for animals, these snacks should never be given to dogs. If you are not familiar with this snack, you may be wondering, what is puppy …

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Eggnog Pie Recipe

Just in time for the holidays, this eggnog pie is perfect to serve for Christmas. This pie is about as easy as it gets to make and consists of only 5 ingredients. What is even better is that this eggnog pie is no-bake—simply refrigerate the pie for at least 4 hours and it is ready …

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