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Eggnog Pie Recipe

Just in time for the holidays, this eggnog pie is perfect to serve for Christmas. This pie is about as easy as it gets to make and consists of only 5 ingredients. What is even better is that this eggnog pie is no-bake—simply refrigerate the pie for at least 4 hours and it is ready …

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No-Cook Fudge Recipe

Making fudge is both fast and easy when there is no cooking involved. The process of preparing this no-cook fudge is simple—the ingredients are all mixed together in a bowl, poured into a baking dish and refrigerate until solid. What is great about this recipe is that there is a good chance that you will …

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Snickers Cheesecake Recipe

If you love snickers candy bars you are sure to enjoy this delicious and rich cheesecake recipe. This cheesecake has such an amazing flavor it will be hard to stop eating. Snickers cheesecake is basically just what the name says—a cheesecake topped with chopped Snickers bars, peanuts, and caramel syrup. I came across this recipe …

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Blackberry Crumb Bars Recipe

Blackberries are in season here in Michigan and we have an abundance of them right now. I had to figure out something to bake with them and blackberry crumb bars seemed like a good choice. These bars are filled with fresh blackberries and blackberry jam. What I really like about these bars was the delicious …

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