Blackened Salmon Recipe

If you enjoy spicy and well seasoned salmon fillets this recipe for blackened salmon is perfect for you. This recipe uses numerous spices to create a nearly perfect seasoning. There is also a good chance that you already have all of these spices on hand. Just as the name says, the fillets are dipped in butter, well seasoned and then fried in the pan until blackened. What’s also great about this recipe is how easy and fast it is to prepare. You can have this on the table in just a few minutes. Enjoy.

4 salmon fillets (skin and bones removed)
2 tablespoons paprika
1tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon onion powder
2 teaspoons salt
½ teaspoon ground white pepper
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
¼ teaspoon thyme
¼ teaspoon basil
¼ teaspoon oregano
½ cup butter (melted)

Cooking Instructions:

Step 1: In a small bowl combine paprika, cayenne pepper, onion powder, salt, white pepper, black pepper, thyme, basil and oregano. Mix well. Brush the salmon fillets lightly on both sides with melted butter. Sprinkle evenly on both sides with the seasoning mixture. Drizzle one side of each fillet with butter.

Step 2: Heat a large skillet to high heat. Add salmon butter side down and cook until the bottom is blackened (2-5 minutes). Drizzle the other side with remaining butter. Flip the salmon fillets and cook until blackened and the fish flakes easily.
(Makes 4 Servings)


8 Responses to “Blackened Salmon Recipe”

  1. ProChef360 — March 12, 2011 @ 11:22 am

    Rich in Omega 3 good for the heart. Thanks for the recipe. Yummy photos too.

  2. Rosanna Miller — March 15, 2011 @ 6:49 pm

    I ate this out at Chilles ,plan making it this weekend. My favorite fish.

  3. Rizwana — March 24, 2011 @ 1:11 pm

    Bobby, thanks soooo much for such a wonderful recipe. I made it last night and everyone loved it. All of your recipes are just GREAT!!

  4. JFK — February 25, 2012 @ 8:34 am

    1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper is a little too spicy for my taste. I reduced the amount by 1/2.
    Also, this recipe is great using catfish or any white fish.

  5. Chris — April 16, 2012 @ 11:18 am

    This was a superb recipe. Thank you so much. I will be trying more!

  6. Kevin M — May 10, 2012 @ 12:26 am

    My wife & I made this salmon tonight to top a caesar salad with homemade dressing, and it was spectacular. I would try this blackening recipe with any fish, or chicken, or maybe some stuffed pork chops. It’s printed out, and in the Dinner Files.

  7. Aneshea — November 25, 2012 @ 9:18 am

    I’m going to try this tonight!!!! Wish me luck!!

  8. Jimh77 — December 4, 2012 @ 6:12 pm

    I tried this tonight after thinking let’s blacken vs. bake. Although I did alter the blackening dry mix a bit to make it more spicy, then put a bed of brown rice and Franks red hot on top and placed the salmon on top. It was really awesome. I had a blackened steak in Milw. WI once when I had to go to A-B. That has been the best steak I have ever had to date and that was in 1983. I have come close, but not the same. Although I do make a mean Pork Tenderloin on the grill that melts in your mouth.
    This blackened salmon was awesome. You all have to try it, at least once in your life.

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