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Baked Tacos Recipe

I never thought about baking tacos in the oven before but it makes perfect sense. I really enjoyed how everything was warm and the cheese was melted. The process of making these delicious baked tacos is very simple. The taco meat is browned in the pan and seasoned, it is then mixed with refried beans, stuffed into taco shells, and topped with cheese. The tacos are then placed into a casserole dish and baked in the oven for a few minutes. After the tacos are done baking you can top them with your favorite condiments such a salsa, lettuce, tomato, and guacamole. If you want the tacos crunchy, you will want to make sure you place the shells so they are not touching each other. If you want to save time, you can use packaged taco seasoning instead. Enjoy. Adapted from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures.

(Makes 8-10 Servings)


Baked Tacos Recipe

  • Author: Bobby
  • Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 2lbs ground beef
  • 4 teaspoons dried minced onion
  • 3 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • ½ teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 (8 ounces) can tomato sauce
  • 1 (16 ounces) can refried beans
  • 2 cups shredded Colby-jack cheese
  • 1820 hard taco shells
  • Optional Condiments
  • lettuce (shredded)
  • tomato (diced)
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  In a small bowl combine dried minced onion, chili powder, cornstarch, garlic powder, cumin, oregano, and cayenne pepper. Mix well and set aside.
  2. In a large skillet brown ground beef over medium-high heat. Drain off any excess liquid. Add refried beans, tomato sauce, and prepared taco seasoning. Mix well.
  3. Spoon the taco meat mixture into the taco shells and place into a 9 x 13-inch baking dish, standing up. Sprinkle cheese over the top of the taco meat in each shell. Place into the oven and bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until the cheese has melted and the tacos are heated through. Remove from the oven and top with any optional condiments for serving.


  1. leslie says:

    This is funny to me. I grew up in a Mexican family in a small Texas town. Everyone makes tacos like this. Usually beans are served as a side and not mixed into the taco meat. People do this with store bought shells as well as tortillas fried at home. The best way to keep them from getting soggy is to drain the the meat before putting it in the shells.

  2. Lisa says:

    Just tried this tonight and it was delicious! I wish I had tried this a long time ago. This will be the way I make tacos from now on!

  3. Shirley says:

    2 lbs of meat might be way too much for a family of 3 (or 2 1/2 since son doesn’t eat much),
    If I wanted to make 1 lb worth of meat w/ this, how do I minimize the other ingrediants? those in 1/2 too…??
    I think I would add corn & rice to this too. and Maybe some sour cream.
    Beginner cooker here.

  4. Melissa says:

    I have been wanting to try this and tonight we did and I have to say we will never make regular ones… This was grrrrrrreat…

  5. Sara T. says:

    Made these w/ fajitas size flour tortillas and they were delicious! Not problems w/ sogginess, just be sure to drain the meat well after cooking it. The tortillas get just a little crispy on the top edges and are perfect that way. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Amanda says:

    I made these tonight and they turned out fantastic…after reading the reviews about soggy tacos I decided to buy the stand n stuff shells to keep them from touching and it worked perfect!!

  7. jay burnett says:

    I love the suggestions. Mini’s for an appetizer, great for a crowd, I am thnking our annual block party, and when you get right down to it, any and all goes in this. Great stuff.

  8. Kelsi says:

    Just made these for dinner, they were awesome! i got some soft shells and wrapped them around the baked tacos, it was so good, my family loved it!

  9. Jennifer Wilson says:

    Ok so anyone who was having tacos with soggy bottoms try putting some cheese at the bottom of the taco before adding the meat mixture.

  10. Kay says:

    I made hard shell tacos for dinner tonight and tried baking them and it was great. I thought the bottoms might get soggy so I put cheese in the bottom before putting the meat in. The shells held together really well and made these super easy to eat! I have always HATED hard shells, but not anymore! 🙂 Great idea!

  11. Lauren says:

    I just made these and even my picky toddler approved! I did not have a problem with the bottoms being soggy, although they were not as crunchy in the parts were the meat was, but that was a selling point for my 2 y/o. I will be making my tacos this way from now on!

  12. Amanda says:

    I’ve been doing this my whole life. My mom & grandma always made tacos like this. We actually baked the lettuce & tomato in with it. We baked the shells first, as it says on the box & then stuffed with taco meat, lettuce, tomato & topped with cheese. Then stuck in the oven on 350* just long enough to melt the cheese. Boyfriend tells all his friends when I’m making tacos & we have a house full! 🙂

  13. Bettye says:

    My mom baked tacos for years. I do, too. Brown the ground meat and season with taco mix while it browns. Do not add any liquid (tomato sauce, etc.). Drain the meat really well when it is browned. Don’t add any “fillers” i.e. corn, beans,etc. using corn taco shells…the hard ones… Fill each shell with meat, lettuce, tomato, grated cheese. Line them up in your baking dish..doesn’t matter if they touch. Heat in oven until cheese melts. Delicious!

  14. Stephanie Castellano says:

    I made these for dinner tonight and they were delicious! This is the way I will make hard-shell tacos from now on. Baking softens the shells, not really what I expected, but I liked the softer shell. It doesn’t break and fall apart as soon as you take a bite! I didn’t have any problem with the shells being soggy. I made according to directions with no trouble at all.

  15. Steve says:

    Can you premake them and put in oven when ready? i want to batch it up tonight and drop off to someone so all they have to do is put them in the oven.

  16. Bobby says:

    Steve – I have never tried premaking these baked tacos so I cannot say how they would turn out. If you do try it, please let everyone know the results. Thanks.

  17. Heidi says:

    I have been making tacos this way for years. I heat up some refried beans and put them on the bottom of the shell, then add the seasoned taco meat and cheese. Bake until cheese is melted and top with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, etc. I find that the Old El Paso Super Stuffer shells work best just because they are bigger and easier to fill. The shells will not be as crunchy where the meat/cheese/beans are, but do remain somewhat crunchy on top. I’ve never had a problem with the shells sticking to the bottom of the pan.

  18. Kari says:

    Steve- I premade these just last night for my husband’s poker game. They were refrigerated for probably 5 hours before baking and they turned out fine…not quite as crispy as they were when I made them once before and baked them immediately but still very good!!

  19. lori says:

    I make chicken taco’s using the marinated chicken from the local mexican market. We bbq it one night and then use the left overs for tacos. I usually fill the shells with chicken and cojita cheese then fry them. It gets quite messy but the family loves them. I never thought of baking them!! We just had the chicken tonight so I can’t wait to do the tacos this way!!

  20. Roxanne says:

    Tacos were really good. Use the Old El Paso stand and stuff. No issues with crispiness or soggy shells.

  21. Allison says:

    What is the cornstarch used for? I was thinking of making this tonight for dinner because it sounds and looks so amazing!

  22. caleb says:

    Do you have to heat the refried beans first (I’m using the ones from the can) or do they get hot enough in the oven?

  23. Debbie says:

    I was raised on “Baked Tacos”! After church on Sundays, we’d all go to our fav family friend’s house on the river, where us kids caught craw-dads while waiting for dinner…along w/sev other families, lots of ppl/kids/dawgs! Mom and the ladies would use the soft taco shells quickly dipped in oil, then a sm spoonful of refried beans, then, hamburger fried in huge skillet w/onions and spices…then one stuffed in grated cheeses, (assembly line style)…then placed filled shells on a raised lip cookie sheet into the oven (They used at least 4 sheets-as soon as the first 2 sheets came out of the oven, 2 more were put in)…of course, Yum! On the table, were bowls of shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, fresh onion, sour cream, salsa….the men, husbands of all these women, would be slipping a hot chili tepino pepper in mom’s tacos, when distracted as she’d be doing the same to them, when they weren’t looking)! Thanks for the memories, Bobby…I’m making these soon! Yummmmm!

  24. Charlotte says:

    These are great! Being a vegetarian I make them with my favorite canned veggie chili from trader joes and I add sauteed bell peppers and onions to add flavor!

  25. Georgette says:

    I will always make baked tacos from now on. I use store bought seasoning (reduced sodium but would like to try seasoning from scratch) and added the refried beans which gives it a depth of flavor and an improved texture. Baking the tacos give them a nice crunch and enhance the flavor of the shell. I like having the cheese melted on top rather than putting the cheese on cold. STill add the regular toppings of lettuce, tomato, avocado and sour cream. These small changes in preparing a taco make a huge difference in flavor. I also put the tacos on parchment paper to make cleanup a breeze from any melted cheese.

  26. charla maharaj says:

    well i read the at the recipe forr oven tacos…it sounds great…also the okra salsa i will make im both next week for my son and his girfriend…great job…

  27. Claude Henry Smoot says:

    Do the same thing, but make the shells yourself. Fry corn tortillas in corn oil, drain on paper towels, then make the tacos described above.

    It’s much better – how we do it in Texas.

  28. Claude Henry Smoot says:

    p.s.: A little grated cheese at the bottom of the shell with hold it together. Make sure to drain the meat really well first.

  29. Mallory says:

    I have not tried making these yet although I do plan to but a recommendation I have is, I always make my taco meat out of ground pork and the results are amazing, 10 times better than beef. Its a great change from typical taco meat. I also think that instead of mixing refried beans, I would mix pinquito(sp) beans and homemade Spanish rice. Also I have seen quite a few comments asking about corn tortillas, when you fry them, as soon as they get pliable, fold it in half and let it fry to a crisp, it’s like a homemade version of the stote bought shells

  30. susan says:

    i’m making this AGAIN tonight–my taco-lovers love these…and my taco-toleraters actually agreed that these were much better than the ones I typically have served. The only problem is having enough!

  31. Nancy Lee says:

    i am very slowly working my way through my pinned recipes. Tonight i made these. They were good! Its just hubby and i so i halved the recipe and it filled 10 shells. More than enough for two of us.

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