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How long to Cook Frozen Roast in an Instant Pot(2)

Frozen Roast in an Instant Pot (5 Servings)




  1. Set the metal trivet in the instant pot, and put the frozen chuck roast on it.
  2. Pour the beef broth over the frozen roast, followed by a sprinkle of the spices. Then, spread the chopped aromatics on the frozen roast, ensuring that most of it sits on its surface.
  3. Cover the instant pot, seal the valve, and cook on MANUAL for 90 minutes.
  4. Once the time is elapsed, let the pot naturally release pressure. When the pin drops completely to zero, carefully vent the valve, and open the pot.
  5. Let the roast cool before lifting it out of the instant pot for serving. If you like your roast with gravy, thicken the pot drippings with cornstarch over medium heat on the stovetop and spoon the sauce on the roast slices,

For more suggestions, watch this video.

  • Author: Bobby