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Simple Picnic Recipes for Busy Students

Picnics are a good way to bring families and friends together and spend quality time with them. Your busy schedule and a student may complicate the process of planning for a picnic or cause you to give up along the way.

It is possible to pack a picnic basket in a hurry and at the same time enjoy nice delicious treats with your loved ones. Here are some simple picnic recipes to try for your next events.

Dips and crudités

Dips and crudités are a good way to enjoy a picnic full of vegetables. This treat requires putting together cucumber, peppers, chopped carrots and celery, cherry tomatoes, lettuce leaves, radishes, and sugar snaps.

Just mix and cover them well with a damp towel to maintain the freshness and the original color. Use empty jars of jam to transport the mix together by layering them up with a dip and sticking them on top. You can also add natural yogurt, peanut butter, or mayo to make them tastier.

Super sarnies 

Sandwiches are a great picnic option because they promote a healthy diet and are quick to prepare. Super sarnies can easily fill you up and require readily available ingredients such as leftover meat.

Pick some roasted leftover meat and grated cheese to make a flavored mix. If you don’t have butter, use cream cheese, pesto, houmous, mashed avocado, or chutney before putting the other fillings. To add a crunch and freshness, put vegetables and salad with some lemon juice to avoid browning.

This super sarnies sandwich is a great example of a picnic bite that can save you valuable study time and bring that sense of togetherness. The beauty of it is that you can carry the ingredients and assemble them at the picnic site.

Bite-sized wonders

Bite-sized wonders are great picnic bite options because they are easy to carry and less messy. Pick a muffin tin and fill it up with sweet treats, frittatas or savory muffins and share with the others. The chili cornbread muffins will give you a spicy kick, while the blueberry muffin will bring something sweet.

Since bite-sized wonders can feed more people, be prepared to enjoy them during extended periods of entertainment and relaxation. It is, therefore, a good idea to seek essay writing help while enjoying the picnic with your loved ones.

Students love enjoying picnic time with their friends but also get worried about handling lots of assignments and essays. Whenever I want to relax with my friends and family on a picnic, I search” write an essay for me in English on Ca.EduBidie” and find help. If you don’t have time to cook, find some easy recipes and prepare some picnic bites to enjoy with your peers. Such bites are great for keeping college students healthy while allowing time to relax and get entertained.  

Pronto puds

Pronto puds are easy and quick to prepare sweet bites, requiring just a few ingredients.

Fill up a traybake with chocolate ingredients and store them in a coolbox for a few minutes. The chocolate ingredient is good for making people happy during extended periods of entertainment and relaxation.

If you don’t have much time, have the components outside the fridge and try to add cream, fresh berries, and meringues. You may also try biscuits for the strawberry stacks- keep the whipped cream, biscuits and the berries separate until eating time.

Sprinkles and toppings

One of the greatest ways to add taste and flavor to dishes is with creative sprinkles and toppings. Take some houmous, add sprigs of coriander, a little olive oil, fresh pomegranate seeds, and thinly sliced onions to get something exciting and vibrant.

You may add some salads and sprinkles of seeds or nuts for crunch or squeeze lime or lemon juice for some extra zing. Topping up the mixture with chilies or spring onions will give you a flavor kick. It is easier to play around with sprinkles and toppings depending on the event because they come in different flavors and colors. You can also modify them according to the tastes and preferences of the attendees.

Pile On

A summer treat that is not only delicious but also relaxing. Mix up some fruit, cheeses and some nuts and stuff the crust of a whole wheat pita with them. Stuff with almonds, walnuts or pine nuts and stuff them inside the pita. Then add your favorite fruits in between. To make it extra special, you can add slices of blueberries or raspberries on top.
You can also add some garlic aioli on the pita crust with or without nuts.

Taco Salad

The perfect menu to picnic with your friends. Just make a big bowl of white rice and place a dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese in it. Then add a layer of all the ingredients on top. Mix it up and enjoy it with a big glass of ice cold water. You can also add some guacamole and a little salsa for a little spicy kick.

Orange Beef

Some of us love a nice rich meat and veggies mixture for the morning. So when you can pack a beef, veggie and potato mix, it is a picnic lunch or dinner. Keep it simple. Put onions, tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, and red onions in the mix. Mix it up and add some olive oil and spices. Then add a little bit of sugar and balsamic vinegar to it.

Chicken Salad

When you can wrap it in a bed of lettuce and have it served on a plate with bread, it is one of the best and most delicious picnic lunches to have. While you can serve it with your favorite bread, this mix of lettuce with chicken, celery, carrots, red onion and an egg may also be used in quesadillas.
It is a great summertime meal and also something that can be prepared in a hurry.

Being busy at school does not mean that you cannot have some quality recreational time with your loved ones. Try out the above simple recipes and enjoy that birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any other event in style. Most of the recipes are very easy to follow and will guarantee you great bites to enjoy throughout the occasion. You can also tweak them a bit depending on the kind of occasion or tastes and preferences.

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