Substitute for Fenugreek Leaves

Substitute for Fenugreek Leaves

Fenugreek leaves are essential for some recipes, especially Indian cuisines. It tastes slightly bitter and is used as a finish for sauces, curries, vegetable dishes, and soups. However, they are not the easiest to find in stores so, finding a substitute for fenugreek leaves might be your surest bet. Some of these substitutes might even be in your kitchen right now.

Fenugreek Nutrition Facts

Fenugreek Nutrition Facts

Dried Fenugreek Leaves

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Dried fenugreek leaves, popularly known as Kasuri methi, can be used in place of fenugreek leaves. In recipes that call for dried fenugreek, its purpose is to give the fenugreek flavor to the recipe, but its taste varies. The dried fenugreek in a crumbled form tends to have a very strong taste and smell, so it should be used in less proportion than others. So, if you are making a recipe that requires the leaves to be stewed, we do not advise using the dried form. If you are making a sauce, you can use the dried fenugreek leaves.

Using dried fenugreek leaves in place of fresh fenugreek leaves, using a 1:1 replacement is not advisable because of its strong taste and smell. In your recipe, replace every tablespoon of fresh fenugreek leaves with 1 teaspoon of dried fenugreek leaves. So, if your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of fresh fenugreek leaves, you can replace it with 1 teaspoon of dried fenugreek leaves.

Maple Syrup

Maple Grove Farms Pure Maple Syrup


Maple syrup is probably the best alternative for fenugreek leaves you can get for your recipe. They both contain the same fragrant compound, sotolon, which is responsible for their distinct smell. Sometimes, fenugreek is added to maple syrup to enhance its aroma, so maple syrup can work perfectly as a substitute for fenugreek.

You can use no exact proportion to substitute maple syrup for fenugreek leaves, but you can add a small quantity of maple syrup into your recipe. Using too much maple syrup can alter the taste of your recipe and make it very sweet, so we recommend using a small amount of it in your recipe. When cooking with maple syrup, we advise that you use it at the end of the cooking time because its flavor can fade when it is cooked.

Fresh Celery Leaves


Fresh celery leaves can be used as a substitute for fenugreek leaves and can give your recipe a new twist. You can use fresh celery leaves in any recipe that requires fenugreek leaves as they have just the same bitter taste that fenugreek leaves have so, you can just chop the leaves and use them in place of fenugreek leaves.

You can also decide to add a little dash of maple syrup in the food alongside the celery leaves because maple syrup and fenugreek have similar flavor profiles.


Sustainably US Grown, Organic Alfalfa Powder


If watercress is available in your neighborhood, you can use them as a substitute for fenugreek leaves. Their taste is very similar to that of celery which is also another alternative for fenugreek leaves. However, they tend to give recipes a green and earthy taste, but it does just fine as a fenugreek substitute if used in a little quantity. You can also choose to use the dried watercress also as a fenugreek leaf substitute.

Spinach or Kale Leaves

18 oz Bottle-Kale Flakes Leaves Dried


Spinach or kale leaves can be used as a substitute for fenugreek leaves. However, they will change the flavor of your recipe slightly. Spinach leaves can resemble the texture and aroma of fenugreek in recipes, but they should be used alongside fenugreek seeds to give it that fenugreek taste.

When using spinach or kale leaves to substitute for fenugreek leaves, it should be used in a 1:1 replacement. So, if your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of fenugreek leaves, it should be replaced with 1 tablespoon of spinach or kale leaves.

Curry Powder

Simply Organic Curry Powder


In many cases, when finding an emergency substitute for spice, you will find that the best substitute will be a mix that contains the spice. Many curry powder blends contain s fenugreek which means it will provide a similar flavor profile making your recipe tastier. However, using curry may not be suitable for all recipes that call for fenugreek. We recommend that you cook the curry powder in oil to lessen other overpowering flavors.

Yellow Mustard seeds and Maple syrup (optional)



Yellow mustard seed is an amazing alternative for fenugreek leaves. It can be used with or without maple syrup as a substitute for fenugreek leaves. Yellow mustard seeds are not a sweet spice, and it provides a similar mild bitterness and earthiness that you usually get from fenugreek leaves. Heating mustard seeds helps in reducing their aroma, making their taste more similar to that of fenugreek leaves. You can also decide to use mustard greens, that is, if your recipe requires greens. Yellow mustard seeds are a great replacement for fenugreek when used in making soups or other savory dishes. You can also add a dash of maple syrup to make its taste more similar to that of fenugreek. When using this option, you should substitute 1 tablespoon of fenugreek leaves with half a teaspoon of these seeds.

Fennel seeds

McCormick Culinary Whole Fennel Seed


Fennel seeds can easily replace fenugreek leaves in a recipe; however, they can easily overpower a dish. They taste similar to anise and are sweeter, and can replicate the nutty and sweet flavor of fenugreek. However, fennel seeds cannot work as an alternative for fenugreek leaves in some recipes because of their distinct taste. This substitute is excellent in making meat rub or when used in a spice mix.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is fennel the same as fenugreek?

Fennel is not the same as fenugreek. The main difference is that the fennel is a legume and belongs to the bean family. Its seeds also have a similar licorice flavor so, it is often confused with anise.

Can I replace fenugreek leaves with their seeds?

Yes, you can. However, doing this will alter the taste of your recipe. We recommend not heating the seeds before use to prevent them from getting more bitter. Fenugreek seeds are best used when making butter chicken.

What do fenugreek leaves taste like?

Fenugreek leaves have a slightly sweet taste with a nutty flavor. It is often described as a combination of celery and maple.


With these options we have provided you, you are fully ready to substitute fenugreek leaves in any dish. Keep cooking. Until next time.