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How to Make Eggplant Taste Good?

This one is for the eggplant haters of the world. I know you’re out there because a) I’m one of you, and b) there are many articles on the internet detailing why eggplant is the worst, along with dishes dedicated to all eggplant despisers. Despite the drama surrounding eggplant and its terrible, bland, bitter flavour, …

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How to Cook Eggplant in a Pan

Eggplant is a high-fiber fruit that is very rich in vitamins. The firm, satisfying texture of grilled eggplant makes it a popular meat alternative in vegetarian meals. Fried, grilled, stir-fried, broiling, roasting, and baking are just a few ways to prepare eggplant. If you’re cooking eggplant, be sure it’s fully cooked. It will have a …

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