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Why does My Puff Bar Taste Burnt?

If you’ve tried to use a puff bar and found that it tastes burned, you may want to look at the coil system of your vaporizer. Your atomizer is the part of your vaporizer that heats up the vape juice, so if the cotton wicking isn’t saturated with e-liquid, it’ll end up overheating and burning, which will leave you with a burnt taste.

The heating element of your Puff Bar can cause the e-liquid inside to burn. It burns the cotton when it’s hot enough to vaporize the liquid in the e-liquid, and this causes a dry hit. You should avoid discarding the burned wicks unless you’re sure they’re completely scorched. To fix this, follow the steps below. Contact your vape shop for assistance if you’re unsure of your e-liquid wicking system.

What is a Puff Bar?

A Puff Bar is a single-use vape pen that comes in various flavors. Unlike flavored cartridges and pre-filled e-cigarettes, Puff Bars were not ruled illegal due to their disposable nature, and puff Bars have become a very popular way to vape.

Vaping is the process of vaporizing ‘vape juice’ at high temperatures and then inhaling the vapor. This generally necessitates the use of a vape pen or a puff bar. A puff bar is a vaping gadget that arrives fully charged and ready to use with e-liquid or vape juice. Even though they are supposed to be simple to use, several cannabis users have claimed puff bars occasionally taste burned. So, what creates the burned flavor, and how can you eliminate it?

What Causes a Burned Puff Bar Taste?

  • The e-liquid inside your Puff Bar can be too hot for the coil. If it’s too hot, you should try priming your device. It’s easy to ensure that your coils have enough moisture to heat. To do this, tilt your e-cigarette upside down and soak up as much e-liquid as possible. You can also change batteries or try another brand of e-liquid.
  • Another cause of your Puff Bar’s burnt taste is the coil. If your e-cigarette has not been used for a while, you may be experiencing burnt-tasting vapor due to a clogged atomizer, and it may be because the atomizer head is too dirty or overfilled with e-liquid. In either case, you should be careful and not throw away your Puff Bar, as it’s not worth it!
  • You should check the coil and refill the e-liquid. A burnt taste is caused by the vaporizing coil trying to vaporize a liquid that doesn’t exist. When this happens, the cotton will become scorched, which will cause a dry hit. In this case, it’s important to wait a few minutes before trying another Puff Bar, allowing the e-liquid to absorb the burned juice.
  • The other reason your Puff Bar might taste burnt is that the cotton wick in your e-cigarette hasn’t been saturated. This can cause a burnt flavor, resulting from a scorched wick. There are several ways to fix this problem. Some of them are to wait and take a breather. Check the coils and atomizer if your device does not have this feature. They should be moist.
  • The temperature of your e-cigarette should be within a reasonable range. However, if it’s not, you should not use it. It could be the heating element that’s causing the burnt taste. When this happens, it’s impossible to vaporize the liquid, so the cotton must be completely saturated. To fix this problem, you can charge your e-cigarette, clean your atomizer head, and check the batteries.

What Should I Do if My Puff Bar is Burned?

You can now locate a solution once you’ve figured out why your puff bar tastes burned. If the burned flavor was caused by chain vaping, take a couple of puff bar breaks during the session. Put the puff bar down for a minute or two before drawing on it to avoid the wicking system from overheating and burning. This will guarantee that the wicking system absorbs enough e-liquid for the wicking system to burn correctly and generate pleasant-tasting vapor.

You may even leave an incomplete puff bar to rest for a day while using another. This will give it ample time to absorb any remaining vape juice in the tank that would otherwise be discarded.

If the burned flavor is caused by using the wrong e-liquid, taking extra precautions while stocking vape juice will go a long way. Check the size of the holes on the wick channels to ensure you use the proper vape juice for your puff bar or vape pen. If they’re little, a low-VG juice might be preferable. If they’re bigger, though, high-VG juice will suffice.

Finally, make sure the coils are primed before utilizing the puff bar. Simply said, pre-saturating the wicking material in the e-liquid before vaping ensures that the coils have enough moisture to heat and evaporate. Turning the puff bar upside down guarantees that the cotton wicks absorb as much e-liquid as possible.

But Why is My Puff Bar Blinking?

The burned flavor may be avoided using the right voltage, vape juice, and properly priming your puff bar. You may notice your puff bar flashing after performing all this and vaping for a few days. Don’t be concerned; this indicates that the bar’s battery is running low. You only need to get a new disposable puff bar or charge your vape pen.

Unlike smoking marijuana, vaping is a little more involved and takes some upkeep. You’ll never have dry puffs or a burned flavor again once you understand the inner workings of your puff bar and can properly care for each component. Have fun vaping!

Is it Harmful to Smoke a Puff Bar with a Burnt Taste?

I attempted to get some information about this, but few people know. However, we know that when your coils are burned, you’ll see many terrible things on them.

“Is this material hazardous for my lungs?” is a natural inquiry. “It can’t be good!!!” would be my response. But I began looking for reliable information on the subject, and I spotted a response from someone claiming to be a chemist for a vape firm. Dry strikes can be risky, according to the FDA’s regulatory work in submitting goods.

According to the Capital Region Board of Health, these dry hits from puff bars include “high levels of metal” (though it’s unclear which metals they were) and known carcinogens.

The charred coils that include cotton fiber are at blame, although the FDA has yet to issue an official comment. This is a little hazy, but it explains why it is crucial to avoid using a burned coil in your vape session.

Puff Bars Ingredients

Puff Bars have the same basic components as other e-cigarettes and vape devices. All e-liquids, also known as e-juice or vape juice, are composed of four primary components. To make vapor, just two elements are necessary.

  • Nicotine is a substance that is found in cigarettes (Optional). Although nicotine is not included in all e-liquids, it is present in all Puff Bars. Nicotine levels can be gradually reduced until they reach zero. Assisting smokers in quitting for good.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) is a kind of plastic (Required). The vapor effect is caused by the presence of glycol or glycerine. Propylene Glycol is an ingredient that aids in taste transmission.
  • Glycerine from vegetables – (Required) The component enhancing the vapor effect’s magnitude is vegetable glycerine, and too much of it may detract from the flavor.
  • Extracts of Flavors – (Optional) These extracts have no influence on vapor generation and are just for flavor. If they have a vaper’s tongue, many vapers will vape flavorless e-liquid. Puff Bars, on the other hand, come in various flavors.
  • To make the vapor, you’ll need the chemicals Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). They don’t have a lot of flavors and, however, are sometimes tasty.

In a Puff Bar, How Many Hits are there?

It’s time to figure out how many hits a Puff bar can hold. Hits go by various names; a hit is also referred to as a drag, inhale, or slap.

A Puff Bar has roughly 300 hits depending on how hard you draw. This is for the original version of the model. If you want to understand more about the other models, go to the “Different sorts of Puff bars” section above.

These are approximate figures that will vary depending on your vaping habits. For the average adult vaper, 300 hits should last a few days to a week. Remember that one Puff Bar is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. So stay calm and go at your own pace. You may get more hits from the Puff Bar if you pull in more slowly, but if the e-liquid or battery runs out, you’ll need to replace it.

Puff Bar vs. JUUL

Puff Bars are a new device that takes inspiration from and competes with JUUL. The most notable difference between Puff Bars and JUUL is that the former is completely disposable.

The JUUL device is a USB-powered pod stick with a magnetic charging connector. Both devices’ small size and ease of use made them a popular option among many people, swiftly dominating the e-cigarette sector.

The JUUL system uses JUUL pods, which contrasts the Puff Bar and JUUL systems. When the JUUL’s prefilled e-juice runs out, you may replace it with a fresh pod. Like a Puff Bar, the e-liquid within the pods contains nicotine and flavorings.

The Puff Bar is groundbreaking because it does not require recharging or the purchase of flavored refill pods. You just use the pod stick until it stops working and then discards it.

This will be really valuable to certain people. Others, on the other hand, may still like the old-fashioned charging and refilling approach. Instead of a disposable gadget, these users should look for a pod system.

One of the benefits of disposable equipment is that you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging it. Because it’s similar to losing a pack of smokes in that you don’t want to lose it, but it’s not as bad as losing expensive reusable equipment. It’s not a big deal to lose or damage a Puff Bar.

Is it Legal to Buy a Puff Bar if you’re Under 18?

The minimum age for using electronic cigarettes in the United States has changed in the past. Some countries have an 18-year-old age limit, while others have a 21-year-old age limit. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, signed legislation in 2019 raising the age of purchase of tobacco products to 21. Electronic cigarettes, such as Puff bars, are also included. As a result, if you are under the age of 21, selling, buying, or using Puff Bar or any other vaping goods is illegal.

Finally, it is decided by the country in which you live. To legally buy a Puff Bar or any other vape product in the United States, for example, you must be 21 years old. A clause in a new law enacted by the President in late 2019 penalizes businesses that sell vaping devices to minors. In countries like the United Kingdom and Australia, the legal vaping age is just 18.

Puff Bars: do they Cause Bad Breath?

Nicotine dehydrates your body, especially your mouth, as many vapers and smokers know. Puff Bars or other vaping equipment might harm your mouth if you don’t stay hydrated. Dry mouth, in general, can promote the growth of germs, resulting in foul breath. Brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist regularly are all important ways to care for your teeth. Nicotine usage has the potential to cause bad breath in general. However, those affected by these side effects are few and far between. However, if you are a strong vaper or tobacco smoker, you must drink enough water.


There are several causes of a burnt flavor in your Puff Bar. First, it’s important to remember that your e-cigarette coil might be dirty or overfilled. If your e-cigarette coil is damaged, you should not use it. This will only result in a scorched wick, and this will result in a burnt flavor. So, when using your Puff Bar, you should avoid chain vaping since it may lead to a burnt taste.

You must pay attention to the wicking system when using your electronic cigarette. The wicking system is usually made of cotton and will dry out if you’re not careful. This is a common cause of a burnt flavor in your e-cigarette. In addition to a dirty wick, the battery may be too weak or too old and need replacement.