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How to Cook London Broil on the Grill

The summer times are when we all appreciate the fact that we own a grill. Nothing beats standing in your backyard, roasting slabs of meat over a hot grill on a warm day. So, of course, many of us look forward to trying out new recipes in our free time during the summer. And one of the tastiest and most exciting recipes you can consider is grilled London broil steak.

Now, London broil may sound like another recipe that involves roasting a chunk of meat over a grill rack, but it’s quite the opposite. The recipe gets its name from the unique method it uses to cook the meat. For a steak to be considered London broil, it must be prepared over a high heat grill that cooks food from the outside. And the grilling directions give the meat alluring sear patterns that complement the broiling-like method of cooking it.

Tips for Grilled London Broil

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Of course, making London broil on the grill isn’t as difficult as you might have feared. Still, it helps to have a few handy tips around for whenever you plan on making some. These suggestions help you not only get the recipe right but also build your confidence with this dish, especially when you’ve got friends over.

Choose the Right Meat

Though the cut of meat doesn’t name London broil, other factors need to be checked when selecting the steak. The best types of steak to use for London broil are top round or flank steak, preferably organic or grass-fed. Also, the meat shouldn’t be more than an inch thick, or it would sear too much and come out undercooked.

Seasoning Methods

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By traditional standards, London broil steak is first marinated before grilling. A simple marinade you can use is a mixture of herbs and spices in a balsamic vinegar base. The marinade does two things; it flavors the meat and also tenderizes it.

If you want softer meat, you should marinate for up to 8 hours or leave overnight. But to infuse flavor into your grilled London broil steak, an hour period is enough time to leave it in a marinade.

You can also use the regular steak spice rub to season your London broil. And this method can work with any of your favorite combination of herbs and spices for steak. But dry rubs won’t give the meat a juicy texture as good as a marinade would, though it would taste just as good.

Grill Temperature

London broil steak is made over high heat, and to make sure you get the best result; you need to keep this in mind. You must have your grill heated to about 500°F for the best heat level. This temperature allows the meat to cook evenly internally while giving it those renowned sear marks.

Meat Grilling Position

One classic factor about London broil is its cross-hatch sear marks. To get these sear patterns, you should place the steak at 45° on the grill and when it’s cooked, rotate to about 90°. Do this for both sides of the steak.

Resting and Serving

Like most grilled foods, you should allow the London broil steak to rest before carving. When you leave the meat on the counter for up to 10 minutes after cooking, it reabsorbs the moisture, so you get a juicy texture. And when serving, be sure to cut the steak across the grain, so the meat texture is more palatable.

Checking Doneness for Grilled London Broil

The doneness of a grilled London broil steak depends on your preference, so when cooking, be sure to check regularly. And the best way to know if the internal temperature is appropriate is to stick an instant-read thermometer in the thickest area of the steak.

A temperature of 135 to 140°F indicates rare doneness. Medium rare is best at 140°F and produces the juiciest steak. Medium doneness ranges from 150 to 155°F. And 165°F is the ideal temperature for well done.

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Grilled London Broil (2 servings)

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  • 2 pieces, top round or flank steaks; 2 pounds each
  • Steak seasoning, to taste
  • Cooking spray


  1. Let steak rest at room temperature for about 40 minutes and while you wait, preheat a greased grill to about 500°F.
  2. Apply steak seasoning generously to the meat, and make sure to massage it in. Position the steaks on the grill at a 45° angle and cover the lid. Leave to cook for about 3 minutes. Open the cover and rotate the steak by 90°, and cook for another 3 minutes.
  3. Flip the steaks and repeat the same cooking process. Then, check the internal temperature for the desired doneness. Once cooked, take the steaks down and leave them to rest for up to 30 minutes before serving.
  • Author: Bobby