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How to Cook Turkey Bacon in an Oven

We all love bacon, and it’s exciting to discover new ways to prepare it. And if you’re a huge fan of turkey bacon, you always want to have that crispy, tasty strip of meat every chance you get. But sometimes, making turkey bacon on the stovetop can be exhausting. So, imagine the euphoria you feel when you discover you can make them just as tasty in the oven instead?

Why Cook Turkey Bacon in an Oven?

Turkey bacon is revered as the healthier alternative to pork bacon because it contains less fat and calories. But it still poses the same challenges as pork bacon when fried in a pan over the stove. But when you cook it in the oven, you get some extra perks along with enjoying your crispy turkey bacon like;

  1. Cooking turkey bacon in the oven is faster than on the stovetop. At 400F, the stove will cook anything as thing as bacon strips easily and quickly.
  2. You can easily time how long the turkey bacon is cooked without having to sit with it. Unlike the stovetop, which fluctuates in temperature, the oven is preset so that you can time the cooking duration of your turkey bacon.
  3. Oven cooking is the best way to get the same crispy level in turkey bacon as the stovetop for pork bacon. Many people have expressed that frying turkey bacon on the stove doesn’t come out almost as crunchy as pork bacon. But cooking it in the oven changes all of that.
  4. When you fry any bacon on the stovetop, you have to watch out for grease splatter. But when you cook turkey bacon with the oven, you never have to. Plus, turkey bacon contains lesser fat, so there’s less splatter. These make the bacon safer and more convenient to prepare.

Helpful Tips for Oven-Cooked Turkey Bacon

Line some parchment paper under the baking rack so you can easily clean up the grease from the turkey bacon.

If you want it to come out tastier, you can rub a bit of freshly grounded black pepper on the turkey bacon before setting it in the oven.

Be sure to note how long it took for the turkey bacon to be done to preference, in case of next time. Also, note that the chewier bacon would use lesser time in the oven- about 15 minutes less.

Can I Have Turkey Bacon on Paleo Diet?

Turkey bacon is originally a low fat and low carb diet, making it great for Paleo diets. If you’re on a Keto or Whole30, you can still eat oven-cooked turkey bacon. But be sure the meat you buy is compliant with the type of diet you’re on. As such, look for turkey bacon packages that I dictate they’re Keto and Paleo-friendly on the packaging.

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Oven-Cooked Turkey Bacon Recipe

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  • One 12-oz turkey bacon package
  • Black pepper, freshly cracked


  1. Preheat your oven to 400F and lay some baking under the oven rack.
  2. Arrange the turkey bacon on the rack without letting them overlap. If the turkey bacon does, they won’t cook evenly. Cook the first part for 10 minutes, flip and cook the other part for another 10 minutes.
  3. Line a bowl or flat plate with paper towels. Transfer the cooked turkey bacon onto the paper towels to soak up any excess grease.
  • Author: Bobby