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Insta Picnic: Food Ideas for Your Picnic Basket

A picnic is a great way to spend time with loved ones in nature. Fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and delicious food are always a great reason to go on a picnic. Moreover, many people want to have a good time outdoors and take beautiful photos on Instagram. What do you need to make your food not only tasty but also beautiful?

There are many useful tips in order to create a beautiful picnic basket. This is why we have gathered the best advice and tips to create the best picturesque picnic.
Before setting off for a picnic, you must pick a place that offers great views. Many people like to be in nature and enjoy the surroundings. If you have a nice picnic site, you can even use this as a backdrop for the photos. A different picture will be more interesting than an image of the same scenery.
Keep the basket at the lowest level. It can be quite a challenge to move a heavy basket up and down a mountain. There are numerous free drawers in the market to assist with this task. However, it is always a good idea to have a basket to help with the transport of food.
Use the large bottles to pack some cheese or bread. Ideally, you should remove the label of the bottle first. Try to find wine glasses that are clear. These will show the beautiful landscape of the area. You can even consider having a wide-angle lens on your camera. When using a camera that has an aperture of between f/6 and f/11, it will help you to show the color of the landscape as well as the shape of the surrounding.

Food for the basket

The first thing to do is to decide what you should and should not take on a picnic. This is a very important detail that many people miss.

The main rule is that there should be no “uncomfortable” food; everything you take with you into nature should be easy to take and share. This does not mean that you should only take bread and toast. Many types of food are not only tasty and convenient for picnics but also look good.


It is the best option, you just need to decorate them nicely. When making sandwiches, use colorful products:

  • cheese;
  • meat;
  • salad;
  • tomatoes;
  • sweet peppers;
  • cucumbers.

It all depends on your preferences, but if you want it to look prettier, you’ll have to think about its look. To make your sandwiches look pretty, cut them diagonally so that all the filling can be seen. You can toast them for spectacular effect because toasts always look appetizing. If you use ciabatta, you don’t need to cut the loaf all the way through, just make a deep cut and put whatever you like into it.

Coronation Chicken Salad Sandwich


Many people would say that salads are not suitable food for a picnic and would be wrong. In nature, it is best to eat light meals so that you don’t feel heavy later and can have an active time walking and playing.

To make salads tasty and look beautiful, you just need to stick to a few simple rules.

  1. Do not use disposable plastic dishes. Instead, it is better to take small plastic pots, which are also convenient to group and stack in a backpack or basket. Also, take metal cutlery; it looks better and won’t break at the wrong moment.
  2. Don’t cut too fine. Foods in a salad should be easy to prick with a fork, but they shouldn’t be whole either. Find the right balance between size and aesthetics.
  3. Dress the salad on the spot. It’s not a good idea to dress the salad at home and then head out on the road. During this time, all the dressing may leak out or spread untidily over the pot.

A picnic outdoors is always wonderful and you don’t want to go back to work or study afterward. After a picnic students often ask themselves, can I pay to do my homework? The answer is yes, not surprisingly. When you are studying and working , it is impossible to manage everything and you don’t want to sacrifice anything. So it’s normal.

Peach and Gourmet Salad You Will Love This Summer

Common plate

If you want beautiful photos, read this point very carefully. A common plate usually stands out from the rest of the food and looks much more aesthetically pleasing. It seems so due to the abundance of different foods that have been competently selected. For beautiful photographs, you need not only to choose a pretty plate and neatly arrange the food on it, but you also need to find the food that goes well with each other. But don’t forget that you still need to eat it, so don’t take anything that might melt or leak.

You must put it on a communal plate:

  • Nuts — choose the ones that you like, there can be several kinds, depending on preference. Nuts go with almost anything, so don’t worry about them.
  • Cheeses — this is a tricky one as cheeses tend to melt in the heat. So choose hard cheeses, which last much longer than soft cheeses. Light-colored cheeses are best combined with nuts, as bright yellow cheeses will be out of place in the color scheme.
  • Meat — meat is a little different. Instead of pale prosciutto, it’s better to choose something a little brighter, such as ham. Sliced sausage can be used as well, but the slices should be as thin as possible. This will give the effect of uniqueness and elegance. If you lay them out nicely, you’re almost ready for a top Instagram photo.


In addition to food, you need something to drink on a picnic. The choice of drinks is up to you – give preference to  alcohol or just soft drinks. However, if the pictures taken during the picnic are posted to Instagram, you need to choose what to drink from.

Ideally, it should be glasses. They look expensive and aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s uncomfortable to use them during a picnic. Disposable plastic ones are not an option either, let’s be honest, they look terrible.

That leaves you with two options. Buy reusable plastic glasses, which look worse than glass ones, but you can easily take them with you on picnics. Or take glass ones from home and worry that they’ll break or get crushed on the way.