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Pimento Pepper Substitutes

Pimento peppers (also known as pimento cheese) are small heart-shaped sweet peppers with a mild flavour and very little heat that are typically stuffed inside olives. The cherry pepper is another name for the pimento pepper (sometimes spelled pimiento). It’s a heart-shaped sweet pepper that measures 3-4 inches long and 2-3 inches wide and is brilliant red in colour.

Pimento is most commonly associated with the famous pepper used to stuff olives. Both the Portuguese and Spanish words “pimento” and “pimiento” come from the Latin word “pigmentum,” which means “pigment.” Long ago, the word “pimento” started to be used as a generic term for peppers, and it was further broadened to include black pepper.

Consider a range of pimento pepper substitutes if you don’t like the hot red pepper’s flavour. Pimento pepper can be substituted with red bell peppers, South African peppadew, pumpkin pie spice, and roasted red bell peppers. All of these peppers are readily available and simple to locate in your local supermarket. They can also be used as a substitute for fresh pimento.

What are Some Substitutes for Pimento Pepper?

  • Pumpkin Pie Spice : McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice, 1.12 oz : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Ground cinnamon is a fantastic substitute for pumpkin pie spice if you don’t have any on hand. One-half teaspoon of cinnamon can be substituted for one teaspoon of the spice. If you don’t have any nutmeg, you can substitute Chinese 5 spice for it. You can also use vanilla bean seeds instead of vanilla extract. Make careful to add the spice last, since if you don’t, it will lose its flavour.

Pumpkin pie spice is sometimes confused with mixed spice. Both have the same ingredients, but the flavour is stronger in one. Another good replacement is mixed spice, which has a moderate spiciness. Because it has a milder flavour than pimento, use caution when substituting. Don’t forget that crushed red pepper can be used in place of pimento. Because pimento is typically used in savoury meals, it may not be the greatest option for all recipes.

  • Peppadew

Peppadew Peppers with Cream Cheese 250g - Pack of 2 : Grocery & Gourmet Food -

If you’re looking for a peppadew substitute for pimentos, sweet cherry peppers are a good option. These peppers are similar to peppadew peppers in size and colour, but they do not have the same sweet spicy flavour. Sweet red bell peppers can also be used instead of peppadew peppers. Both peppers are roasted before being used in recipes and have the same brilliant red hue.

  • South African Peppadew

South African Sweet piquante peppadew Pepper Seed - 40 Seeds : Everything Else

A Peppadew pepper replacement from South Africa might be a delightful and healthful alternative to traditional hot sauce. Peppadew chilli is high in vitamins and has a low salt and sugar content. Although the little pepper looks like a cherry tomato, it is unrelated to tomatoes. It has the same Scoville Heat Units as a sweet apple or poblano pepper and is four times milder than a jalapeño pepper, with 1177 Scoville Heat Units. You’ll love the flavour and heat regardless of how you use it.

Agriculturalists discovered piquante peppers in South Africa shortly after they were discovered. The new pepper immediately gained popularity, and many farmers were able to get seeds to plant it. Piquante peppers are now marketed in jars and as peppadew peppers. They are not as hot as pimento peppers, making them a great alternative for pimento peppers in meals.

  • Red Bell Peppers Red Bell Pepper : Grocery & Gourmet Food

In recipes that call for chopped bell peppers, pimento peppers can be substituted for red bell peppers. You may buy these peppers in jars, but they won’t have the same crunch as fresh ones. If you can’t get pimento peppers in your area, Cubanelle peppers can be used as a substitute for red bell peppers. Although the walls of these peppers are thin, they retain a spicy flavour and are wonderful in salads.

These roasted peppers are inexpensive and easy to come by. They don’t take long to prepare: just drain the liquid and pat the pepper dry. You can use roasted bell peppers instead of pimento because they are so common. The most readily accessible pepper on the market is this one. It also works well as a substitute for pimento. You can also use a blend of ground allspice, cloves, and cinnamon in place of the whole peppers.

  • Paprika : McCormick Smoked Paprika, 1.75 oz : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Paprika can simply be substituted for pimento peppers, whether you want a sweet or spicy alternative, or just want something light. In place of paprika, you can use Cajun spices or black pepper. Before substituting, you must first determine which sort of paprika is required in your recipe. Here are several pimento pepper substitutes:

You can either dehydrate pimentos in the sun or dry them in the oven to replace them. If you don’t have any fresh peppers on hand, smoked paprika can be purchased. Because using smoked paprika can trigger a coughing fit, it’s best to keep them uncooked rather than in the refrigerator. For roughly six months, the flavour will be unaffected.

  • Cubanelle Peppers : Pepper, Cubanelle Sweet Pepper Seeds, Non GMO, 25 Seeds per Pack, Some Prefer The Cubanelle Pepper to Traditional Bell Peppers Because of Their Sweet and mild Flavor. : Patio, Lawn

While a Cubanelle peppers is the most typical alternative for pimento pepper, chile can also be used in its stead. The pepper is commonly used in Latin American and Caribbean cuisines and has a mild to medium spice level. The pepper is not suitable for persons who are allergic to pimento because of its mild heat. Pimento peppers can also be found in spice blends with other spices like allspice and paprika.

What does a Pimento Pepper Taste Like?

Pimento peppers are mild, sweet, and succulent, rather than hot. They’re usually pickled, but they’re also delicious straight from the garden. Use them in the same way you would red bell peppers in Cajun Holy Trinity dishes or an excellent sofrito recipe. The Santa Fe Grande and Floral Gem kinds, for example, have a bit of a kick to them. They’re fantastic for stuffing, and they’re also great for dehydrating and grinding into chilli powders because they’re large enough.

In reality, paprika, a familiar spice, is made from dried pimento and other mild or sweet peppers. Pimento peppers are among the mildest peppers available, with Scoville Units ranging from 500 to 1,000. When compared to the popular jalapeno pepper, which has a Scoville Heat Unit range of 2,500 to 8,000, the hottest pimento would be around 5 times milder. The Piquillo Pepper, which is distinct in shape but similar in many other aspects, is a good comparable for heat and flavour.

Is Pimento Same as Red Pepper?

Pimento (also written pimiento) is a “big red, heart-shaped sweet pepper that spans 3-4 inches long and 2-3 inches wide,” according to The Food Lover’s Companion. What I didn’t realise was that paprika is made from a large portion of the pimento pepper harvest. Today I learned something new.

But there’s a distinction to be made between pimentos and other red peppers. “The pimento’s flesh is sweeter, more succulent, and fragrant than the red bell peppers.” To settle the wager, I believe the ruling must be in the plaintiff’s favour. Pimentos aren’t necessarily all roasted red peppers.

Pimentos are sold in small jars, whereas roasted red peppers are usually sold in bigger containers. They’re also the reddish-brown colour found in olives. To an untrained palate (like mine), the difference would most likely be insignificant, especially in a recipe like pimento and cheese. So go ahead and claim your one alcoholic beverage. However, as an appetiser, I would suggest serving a platter of pimento and cheese on crackers. And I’ll contact you again later to settle my attorney’s fee. As promised, I will work for beer. I’ll add pimento and cheese to the bill in this situation.

Allspice vs. Pimento – What’s the Difference?

  • All Spice

A spice made from the dried and ground unripe fruit of that is said to mix the flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

It’s a tropical American evergreen tree with fragrant fruit.

Allspice is (uncountable) a spice; the dried and ground unripe fruit of, supposed to mix the flavours of various spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, while pimento is a red sweet pepper, a cultivar of capsicum annuum, used to make relish, packed into olives, or used as spice.

  • Pimento

A cultivar of Capsicum annuum, red sweet pepper is used in relish, wrapped with olives, and as a spice. Allspice is made from a tropical fruit.

The distinction between allspice and pimento as nouns is that allspice is a spice (uncountable); the dried and ground unripe fruit of, thought to mix the flavours of various spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Pimento is a red sweet pepper that is a cultivar of the capsicum annuum plant that is used to produce relish, stuff olives, or use as a spice.

What Kind of Pepper is a Pimento?

Pimentos, also known as pimientos, are a variety of pepper with a sweet flavour and a mild heat level. Because of its red hue and spherical, heart-shaped fruit, this nightshade is sometimes known as a cherry pepper. With a short, thick green stem, they are normally 3 to 4 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide. It’s possible you’ve eaten pimentos without even realising it. Pimentos are used in the mix of paprika, a popular spice created by grinding different peppers to a fine powder, in some parts of Spain and the United States. Many cooks prefer the mellow, sweet flavour of pimento paprika to the intensity of other spices like cayenne pepper.

When preparing peppers, you discard the stems, just as you would with other peppers. In Mediterranean cuisine, it’s typically sliced and inserted into Spanish or Manzanilla olives. Pimento-stuffed olives are a popular garnish for martinis in the United States, and they’re also featured in the pimento loaves our grandmothers used to slice and serve for sandwiches.

Where to Buy Pimentos?

Pimentos are usually found in jars beside the olives and pickles in the grocery store. If your grocery store offers a self-serve olive bar, they may be available there—which is always convenient because you can buy only what you need or test them before buying a complete jar.

Fresh cherry peppers can be found in larger supermarkets or those that carry a wider variety of food. Once you know what you’re searching for, they’re easy to find.

You can grow them at home if you like them and have enough space, but because their cycle is so long, they thrive best in climates that are suited to outside cultivation. They do best in a south- or west-facing area with a consistent supply of water in gardens and yards, and are ready when they reveal their trademark bright red hue. They’re harvested in the late summer to early fall, just like other peppers.

Making your own paprika is a fun culinary activity that involves taking your growing peppers, drying them in the sun or on low heat in the oven, and then grinding them in a blade grinder. Blanching them first before dehydrating them is an excellent idea.

What are Some Recipes in Which Pimento Pepper is Used?

  • Make a one-pan meal

These peppers’ amazing sweetness is a perfect complement to shrimp. 1 diced carrot, 1 diced celery stalk, and 1 garlic clove, minced 15 minutes of sautéing 1 tbsp tomato paste, 1 tbsp oil, 2 tsp paprika, and 2 cups long-grain rice, heated over medium-high. 2 minutes of toasting 1 cup white wine is used to deglaze the pan. Reduce the heat to low and stir in 3 cups of heated seafood stock. 6 pimento pepper rings and 2 bay leaves on top Cook for 15 minutes. cook 1 pound of peeled shrimp Cook for around 1 to 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

  • Stuff ’em with stuffing and bake ’em

The flavour of the pepper carries during the entire cooking time because it is so intense. Drizzle with oil and bake for 45-60 minutes, or until golden brown and soft. Cooking time is reduced as peppers get more mature.

  • Pickle those peppers

In a medium saucepan, combine 4 cups distilled white vinegar, 3 tablespoons kosher salt, and 14 cup sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, until the salt and sugar have completely dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature before serving. Before using, seal the jar and keep it in the fridge for at least a day.


Without the correct spices or seasonings, most popular dishes and recipes are incomplete. To be honest, there is a wide variety of peppers available (remember capsicum?) and their use varies greatly depending on the taste of what you’re trying to make and the cuisine.

To manufacture paprika, pimiento is gathered and mixed. As you can see, it has a wide range of applications. It is, however, not widely available in most regions of the globe. There are a few substitutions you can use if you can’t locate pimiento at your local shop and can’t figure out where to get it.