Substitute for Rotel Tomatoes

Rotel tomatoes are a fantastic ingredient in casseroles, soups, stews and so much more. It is made up of diced tomatoes with a combination of chili peppers that gives extra flavor to your recipes. I know there are so many kinds of canned tomatoes, but Rotel is one of a kind with a little hint of heat. You might be wondering where the spice comes from; it is from green chilis that have gone through some roasting procedures to be eventually simmered into potatoes.

It also contains nutritional benefits in its ingredient such as tomatoes, water, chopped green chili peppers, less than 2% of Salt, Calcium Chloride, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Cilantro. Other nutrients include carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugars, protein, and vitamins.

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It is also desired because of its low content of fat and cholesterol. It is a good Fiber source and a very good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. However, if you don’t have it in your freezer when you need it and can’t go to the store at the moment you need it, or for any other reasons you cannot use it, there are other alternatives you should try out.

What are Rotel Tomatoes? 

The main ingredient in Rotel is tomatoes in tomato juice. The Southern favorite is a mixture of diced tomatoes and roasted green chilies, so it does not lack all the juiciness in your regular tomatoes, but in addition, it has a bold, smoky spice.

You can have homemade Rotel tomatoes as well, it isn’t too difficult to make and it brings a ton of flavor to old recipes and it’s super versatile, chemical-free, better quality, better flavor, and more nutritious. It’s simple to make and freeze a bunch of it at once. More importantly, it saves time to just get it from your freezer when you need it instead of going to the store.

Preparing your homemade Rotel is good if you want better control over the spices and herbs that add a unique taste to your Rotel. It will also help you create the perfect tomatoes to green chilies ratio to prepare unique dips that everyone will no doubt be attached to.

Rotel Tomatoes Uses in Recipes

Rotel tomato is an upgraded version of your regular tomatoes. The smoky spice ensures that any dish you add it to will be kicked up a notch and it has the potential to jazz up a whole lot of meals such as:

Rotel Tomatoes Substitutes

If you’re further from the Southern states, there’s a chance that finding Rotel Tomatoes might be tricky. Also, if you don’t like the taste or spiciness, whatever the case may be, here are some worthy replacements.

Canned Diced Tomatoes

Canned Diced Tomatoes


One of the major ingredients of Rotel tomatoes is diced tomatoes, but it can work as an excellent Rotel alternative if you you’re not a big fan of the heat or the spicy taste. Also, the juice of the canned tomatoes ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy the texture in unique recipes that call for it.

There are different versions of diced tomatoes. Some may even have basil or other ingredients in it to add a special taste to your dish. All you have to do then is to add the canned diced tomatoes to your dish. The proportions would depend on how much spice and bite you want in your dish.

Tomato Puree

Tomato Puree


Tomato puree and the diced canned tomatoes are made of the same ingredients but they add different textures and tastes to your dishes. Tomato puree is an excellent substitute if you’re not fond of the taste and texture of Rotel tomatoes. If you’re making stew or soup, tomato puree can work as an alternative that gives the taste and texture that you’d usually associate with Rotel tomatoes.

Also, if you want your recipe to be hot and spicy, you can add other culinary herbs. With that, you get the unique taste of Rotel tomatoes and also the spiciness and hotness therein, all at the level and quantity that suits you.

Canned Green Chilis

Canned Green Chilis


This offers a cheaper and convenient way to add an additional flavor to foods. The original Rotel recipe includes diced tomatoes and zesty green chilies, with a nice blend of spices that add heat and character to every dish.

Chili pepper is an important ingredient when you are substituting for Rotel since it provides a heating element. To get the perfect result, drain all the water in one small can, add a small amount to the can of tomatoes, taste the mix, and reseason the amount according to your personal preference. It can also be used in the same proportion as you would Rotel tomatoes.

Lemon Pickle



This can also be a great substitute. Although it gives a different taste than what you’re used to with Rotel tomatoes if you’re the type that doesn’t like the taste of tomatoes, preserved lemon juice is the perfect alternative for you.

You can also add other spices to compensate for the absence of spiciness and hotness in your recipe since it’s apparently going to be lemon flavored. Lemon pickles should be used in a significantly reduced quantity because even a little bit of it can change the way your soup or stew tastes.




Salt and another blend of spices give Rotel tomato its spicy flavor. Add salt to the tomato and pepper mix. Based on your recipe and your personal tastes and preferences, add to the mixture pinches of classic Mexican spices such as cilantro, cumin, ancho chili powder, and coriander.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Rotel tomatoes just diced tomatoes?

Not really. Rotel is canned diced tomatoes with diced chili peppers. There are also other ingredients that makeup Rotel tomatoes.

Can you eat Rotel out of the can?

You can eat it right away, but it would be great if it could marinate for an hour.

What do Rotel tomatoes have in them?

Water, Chopped Green Chili Peppers, Less than 2% of Salt, Calcium Chloride, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Cilantro.


Rotel Tomatoes are one of kind types of canned tomatoes. It gives an extra flavor to your dish as it is incredibly versatile as well, pairing well with numerous dishes and recipes. However, it might be difficult to find if you’re further away from the Southern states. Luckily, there are other close alternatives for you to enjoy your dishes and have that great flavor.