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Tips on How to Make Ramen Taste Better

The simplest approach to elevate instant ramen is to simply acquire actual ramen (from a restaurant or top-quality noodles from an Asian grocery shop), but that’s not what we’re discussing today. We’re talking about when the only option, or preferred alternative, is the cheap small ramen packets found in almost every grocery or convenience store …

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How To Cook Egg For Ramen(2)

How to Cook Egg for Ramen

When cooking eggs, whether boiled (hard, medium, soft), fried, scrambled, and so on, it always comes out right when done properly. Scrumptious yet amazingly simple to cook, ramen eggs are traditionally referred to as “Ajitsuke Tamago,” meaning “a flavored infused egg” made in marinate. Actually, it’s not just the flavor that goes into the eggs; …

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How To Cook Pork Belly For Ramen

How to Cook Pork Belly for Ramen

One of the keys to a delicious pork belly ramen meal is getting the pork belly right. The ideal results should be deliciously tender and juicy, not soggy but not so chewy either. Cooking pork belly correctly is however not so easy, especially if you’re not sure about the right cooking instructions to follow. In …

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How Long To Cook Ramen In Microwave

Ramen is a well-known meal, known (especially among dorm inhabitants) for how quick and easy it is to make. If you need to eat something immediately, microwaving ramen is a simple solution. Learn how to boil noodles in the microwave fast and efficiently, as well as a few other cool ways to dress up your …

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