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Best Hair Nets for Cooking

If you are a health freak, a big fan of the kitchen, you just like doing things neatly, or perhaps you have a restaurant, and you care about your customers, getting a kitchen hair net should be at the top of your list kitchen affairs. Apart from keeping your hair away from your food, hairnets also help you protect the food from you. How so? If you are the type of person that can’t keep your hands off your hair for too long, getting a hair net will save you from future mishaps in the kitchen.

A few years ago, I was cooking for a sleepover party, and the hair I had on was a fringe hairstyle. I couldn’t keep my hands off my face. To make matters worse for every time I touched my hair, I had to wash my hands. It was a vast kitchen disaster for me, and while eating, I couldn’t help but pay attention to the food to make sure there was no hair in it.

For me, hairnets make me feel more comfortable while cooking, I don’t have to worry about washing my hands countless times, and I also get to rock that chef look when I put on my apron. Hairnets are made with different materials, and they come in different styles that will suit your needs. In this review, I will be sharing the top ten cooking hairnets that will be suitable for you. Let’s get started! Are you still skeptical?

Top 10 Hair Nets for Cooking

1. Nanxson 3pcs ChefKitchen Hair Nets

Nanxson 3pcs Chef Hat Kitchen hat Food Service Hair Nets Cooking Chef Cap

If you own a restaurant and are worried about the sizes to get for your workers, or you are concerned about your head size and hairstyle, then this baby is definitely the best pick for you. I love the Nanxson 3pcs chef hat CF9060 because it is suitable for all head sizes and all types of hairstyles. If you made fuller hair, there’s absolutely no need to worry.


  • Made from high-quality polyester cotton material
  • Adjustable shrink buckle that can be adjusted to fit head size
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Available in black, red, blue, and white colors
  • Suitable for both gender


  • It is made from a soft and comfortable fabric
  • It can be adjusted to fit various head sizes
  • Its breathable mesh fabric helps to prevent sweating on the head
  • It can be used in temperate places


  • Hand wash only

2. Royal Light Weight Hairnet

Royal Light Weight Hairnet

If you are worried about keeping track of when last you washed your kitchen hair net, you should opt for a comfortable yet disposable hairnet, which can do the trick. It is also suitable for those who have an aversion to latex products.


  • Made out of 100% nylon netting
  • They are lightweight, breathable, latex-free hair nets
  • Each pack contain 144 disposable hair nets
  • Available in sizes 24 and 28
  • Available in black, dark brown, light brown, and white colors.


  • Suitable for individuals who don’t like latex products
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Lightweight and breathable netting that prevents sweating on the head.
  • Suitable for the home, restaurants, food production facilities, and cookouts.
  • It prevents hair from touching the wearer’s eyes and keeps hair off the food.


  • Not suitable for individuals with long or rough nails

3. Ultra Source Hair Net/ Beard Cover

UltraSource 444065 Polypropylene Hair Net/Beard Cover, Large, Latex Free, White

Sometimes hair nets don’t do the trick for both men and women. Sometimes, male chefs, dads, or you may have many beards and would love to cook without worrying about your beard hair. I find this hairnet quite handy for males with beards.


  • Made out of polypropylene material
  • They are lightweight, breathable, latex-free hairnet/ beard covers.
  • Available in large and extra-large sizes
  • Elastic bands to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Each pack contains 100 pieces of disposable hairnet/ beard cover.


  • Lightweight, breathable material prevents sweating, heat, and discomfort
  • Provides complete head protection and protects food from hair
  • It prevents sweat from reaching the eyes or from getting the food
  • Suitable for use in restaurants


  • Chin band may be too small for some individuals.

4. UaussiCooking Chef Cap

4 or 8 Pack Chef Hat Kitchen Cooking Chef Cap Adjustable Food Service Hair Nets Reusable Washable Mesh Bouffant Beanie

What makes this product unique is the fact that it is comfortable reusable wear. If you don’t want to get worried about a missing cooking hairnet all the time, this hair net comes in a set of 4 or 8 in a pack which makes it suitable for restaurants as well. You could also keep on with you as an emergency hair net that will come in handy in case of an impromptu cookout. I know I was glad that I carried mine.


  • It has an elastic drawstring closure
  • Durable soft, skin-friendly fabric
  • Durable and breathable mesh fabric
  • Each pack contains 4 or 8 pieces.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Skin-friendly, breathable fabric helps prevent heat from accumulating on the head.
  • The reusable and washable characteristic makes it durable for a chef
  • Absorbable soft fabric helps to prevent sweat from reaching the face and reaching the food.
  • Elegant and simple design that leaves the chef confident


  • May not lock in place, making it feel loose on the head

5. Nanxson 3pcs Chef Hat

Nanxson 3pcs Chef Hat Kitchen Cooking Chef Cap Food Service Hair Nets

Not only is this durable, but it is also one of my favorite fashionable cooking hair nets. You should go for this if you love looking good in the kitchen. It is also suitable for individuals who own a restaurant, and you get to save costs from replacing disposable hairnets and making your chefs look fancy.


  • Made from soft polyester cotton fabric
  • High elastic design that is Adjustable to fit all head types
  • Breathable mesh fabric to prevent sweating
  • It has an elastic closure
  • One pack contains three-piece of hair nets


  • Soft, comfortable fabric that prevents sweat from reaching the food
  • The breathable mesh fabric helps to avoid heat accumulation and discomfort
  • Beautiful and fashionable
  • Suitable for all seasons and great for temperate regions
  • Adjustable design that makes it ideal for individuals with different head sizes


  • One has to wash with care

6. Smilco 20 inches Hairnets

Hair Net 100 Pcs, Smilco 20 Inches Hair Nets Elasticity Invisible Elastic Mesh for Food Service, Ballet Bun, Sleeping, Women and Wig

This hair net is suitable for just about anything; although it is excellent for the kitchen, it is also a must-have for ballet dancers and skaters.


  • Highly elastic nylon lace fabric which can withstand 30 pounds of pull without tearing.
  • Available in black and brown color
  • Each pack contain a hundred pieces of hairnets
  • Knotted close up
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Suitable for males and females


  • Breathable fabric that helps to prevent sweating.
  • Ideal for both males and females
  • Suitable for all hair types and hairstyles.


  • Maybe too thin

7. 2pcs Reusable Kitchen Cooking Chef Caps

2pcs Chef Hats Adjustable & Reusable Kitchen Cooking Chef Caps Food Service Hair Nets Breathable Mesh Work Hat

This two-in-one piece of hairnet is my favorite because it was a perfect choice for my sister and me. So, if you are looking for a comfortable hair net set for you and your friend, spouse, or chef, then this is definitely your best pick.


  • High-quality cotton and polyester material
  • Soft, lightweight, comfortable, and breathable mesh fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Available in one size, adjustable to suit most individuals
  • Available in black, red, and white colors


  • Soft, moisture absorbing fabric that protects the individual and food from sweat and hair
  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable as it can be washed and reused
  • The breathable mesh fabric that prevents heat and sweating on the head
  • Suitable for temperate places.
  • Suitable for homes and restaurants.


  • Not suitable for long hair
  • Not ideal for all sizes

8. RECECASA 2 Pcs Chef Hats

RECECASA 2 Pcs Chef Hats - Mesh Kitchen Chef Caps, Drawstring Hair Nets Food Service, Nurses, Medical Hats with Brim

This is a simple hair net, it has a lovely style and sporty look, and it is pretty perfect for a picnic cookout.


  • Nylon sports mesh+ Polyester-cotton blended brim
  • Tie closure
  • Breathable mesh, lightweight and comfortable
  • Machine wash


  • Suitable for hot temperature environment
  • Suitable for homes, café, restaurants, and cookouts
  • Breathable mesh fabric to control sweating on the head
  • Durable and reusable
  • Tie closure enables an individual to adjust to the desired fitting


  • Not available in different sizes

9. Hair Nets Food Service Elastic

Hair Nets Food Service Elastic Drawstring Chet Hats Mesh Cap Cooking Nets Reusable for Restaurant Kitchen

This is quite a simple yet multifunctional and versatile hair net, and it is not restricted to the. If you are looking for something elegant that can serve other purposes, this is your best pick.


  • Adjustable elastic closure/ drawstring closure with cord stopper
  • 2-inch wide sweatband
  • Suitable for both adult males and females


  • A one size fits all type of hair net
  • Multifunctional and versatile hair net
  • It prevents stray hairs from coming out
  • Protect food from hair and sweat


  • Not suitable for temperate regions

10. ITODA 3 Pcs Industrial Workshop Cap Hair Net

This is a simple, comfortable, and multi-purpose hair net. It is perfect for the house, a café, restaurant, or food-producing industry.


  • Polyester and cotton fabric
  • Elastic closure
  • High elastic band to hold in place
  • Breathable nylon mesh puffed out design


  • Comfortable and suitable for temperate regions
  • Multifunctional and durable
  • Breathable mesh that allows air to circulate on the head and reduce heat
  • Suitable for homes, catering, cafes, and restaurant


  • Not enough reviews on this hairnet

Buying Guide

There are so many styles and brands for hairnets, which can make picking the right one quite challenging. If you are interested in getting the right one that suits your needs, that of your workers, or that of a friend, there are some factors you should consider before getting one. The following guidelines can help you make the best choice:


Many individuals have preferences for what they use in covering their hair, as this determines how comfortable they will be while working. The point of using a cooking hairnet is to prevent the incidents of hair entering the food, not to make your head all sweaty and uncomfortable.

For this reason, you might want to consider opting for cotton, or cotton mixed with polyester, or a lightweight hair net. Many persons are also aversive towards latex, so make sure you ask before purchasing a latex cooking hair net.

Consider Weather

If you stay in a temperate region, you have to opt for a cotton reusable cooking hair net, a lightweight cooking hairnet, or a cooking hair net with a breathable mesh fabric to reduce the heat on the head. A cooking hair net with an absorbing material can help reduce the sweating on the head, thereby protecting the wearer and the food from sweat.

Consider Occasion and Location

For those of us who organize cookouts or picnics once in a while, getting a hairnet that has the face coving/shield at the top is your best bet to protect you, the caterers, and chef from the sun. It is both fashionable and comfortable. This doesn’t prevent it from carrying out the purpose of protecting the food from hair.

Consider the person you are getting it for

This could be you; what are you comfortable with? Do you need the hair net for other purposes as well? Or do you want something simple or fancy? These are questions you should ask yourself before getting one.

If you are getting one for your workplace or workers, do you have male and female chefs? Do your male chefs have beards? Or do you want something fashionable and comfortable for them? There are many disposable, cooking hair nets for males with beards covering. Consider getting disposable cooking hair nets for hygienic purposes.


Getting a hairnet can be a fun yet tasking process. However, choosing the right cooking hair net will determine how comfortable you will be while cooking. The purpose of wearing a hair net is to keep hair off the food and keep your hands off your hair, and that is why a good hair net should serve this purpose. You should choose from the hairnets listed above, and you will feel more confident in your kitchen. Good luck!