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How To Cook Smoked Turkey Necks (2)

Smothered turkey necks (2 to 3 servings)




  1. Chop the onion into smaller pieces; also chop the bell pepper and garlic the same way you did with the onion. I prefer to dice my onions and pepper.
  2. Clean 2lbs of turkey neck, place in a dry bowl, and properly season with season all, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme leaves, and cayenne powder. This step is very important, so make sure you properly season your meat.
  3. Mix in the seasonings with your hand, and season again to fully coat the unseasoned sides of the meat.
  4. Add some vegetable oil to a pot, and heat on low to medium. Then gradually add your turkey necks, and fry both sides evenly until they are brown on all sides. Repeat this step until all pieces of turkey necks in the bowl are done
  5. Remove all turkey necks from the pot and set them aside. It would help if you did not clean your pot because you would need the crumbs at the bottom for your gravy
  6. Throw in your chopped onion, bell powder, and garlic, and continuously stir-fry the vegetables in the leftover oil until the vegetables become softer
  7. When the vegetables become soft, add in 3 tablespoons of flour (you can add more flour if you want a thicker gravy). Stir the flour into the soft veggies.
  8. Add some chicken broth and firmly stir; this will give the gravy an extra flavor, as well as pick up those crumbs of turkey necks at the bottom of the pot
  9. Also, add 2 cups of water and one chicken bouillon cube for added flavor. Also, add some parsley to give this dish some beauty. Add a couple of bay leaves, too, and mix everything.
  • Allow the gravy to boil and slowly add to your turkey necks. If you feel your gravy has become too thick, you can add some chicken broth or water to loosen things up.
  • Next, you want to add some ice cubes and cover your pot with a lid. Allow this to cook, making your turkey necks more tender (fall off the bone).
  • Remove from the pot and into a serving dish. I usually serve this alongside some rice or any other starchy food.

This recipe for turkey necks always delivers the right results as long as the instructions are followed correctly. Check out this video recipe if you’d like to see more ideas for turkey necks perfectly.

  • Author: Bobby