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Substitute for Amaretto

Substitute for Amaretto

Are you baking a delicious dessert but found out you’re out of Amaretto? Do you desperately need a substitute for it? Don’t fret because you’re not the only one who’s faced this hiccup. Amaretto is such an interesting ingredient, and sometimes it seems impossible to replace. But you can still recreate its effects in your recipes like desserts and tiramisu. And you’ll also find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic substitutes for Amaretto Disaronno.

Substitute for Amaretto

What is Amaretto?

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur gotten from almond nuts—the pits used in making the alcohol contribute to its nutty, sweet flavor. The liqueur is distinct for its almond taste and nutty aroma, which helps lift the flavor of many drinks and cocktails. Amaretto also has a high alcoholic content, with a volume of around 24 to 38%. And though most people assume Amaretto and Disaronno are different, Disaronno is simply a famous brand of Amaretto.

Amaretto Uses in Recipes

Amaretto is popularly included in numerous baking recipes, and it helps lift the flavor and aroma of baked goods. Its sweet, almond flavor profile adds deliciousness to dough and is a welcome addition to dessert recipes. It’s also commonly used in dessert drinks and is a handy ingredient for making a wide range of sweet cocktails. Even coffee drinkers add it to their coffee to infuse its nutty, sweet taste with roasted beans.

Though Amaretto is high in alcohol, it also possesses certain health benefits as well. The liqueur is renowned for helping the body to prevent heart problems. Amaretto is also a great stress reliever, thanks to its almond and alcohol combination. And the liqueur has also been linked to stroke prevention. The culinary and health benefits and Amaretto are why it’s a regularly featured ingredient in recipes like;

  • Amoretti di Serroni
  • Tiramisu
  • Ice cream
  • Brownies
  • Galette
  • Cheesecake
  • Trifle
  • Sausage and rice
  • Parfait
  • Frosting
  • Tarts
  • Almond filling
  • Coffee and latte
  • Biscotti
  • Marzipan
  • Biscuits
  • Chocolate salami
  • Rocky road
  • Chocolate cake
  • Fudge
  • Cocktails
  • Roasted fruits
  • Cookies

Amaretto Substitutes

Amoretto is agreeably one of the tastiest liqueur ingredients you can add to your baking and cooking recipes. Still, certain factors may cause you to omit it from your cooking. Perhaps you need to cut off alcohol consumption from your diet, or you’re allergic to almond nuts. Or maybe you ran out of the delicious Italian liqueur and can’t rush down to the grocery store.

Whatever the reason, you can still find helpful alternatives for Amoretto. Each substitute suggested satisfies a specific preference, and though some may not offer the distinct almond flavor, you still get a plus in nuttiness.

Hazelnut Liqueur

Maison Routin 1883 Premium Syrup Flavorings - Roasted Hazelnut - Purly Made in France - Pet Bottle - 1 Liter

If you’re allergic to almond nuts, then this is the best alternative for you. Also called Frangelico, hazelnut liqueur shares similar properties with Amoretto. It’s alcoholic, with the nutty taste of hazelnut. And though the flavor slightly deviates from almonds, it still offers the same richness as Amoretto. Hazelnut liqueur is already a popular ingredient in muffins, cupcakes, coffee, and large cakes. It’s also a regular mixer for cocktails and is just as sweet and nutty as Amaretto. Hazelnut liqueur can be substituted for Amaretto in equal quantities. And for those who can’t consume almonds, you get all the perks and none of the discomfort.


Pastry 1 Almond Paste 33% - Marzipan - 1 block - 2.2 lbs

Marzipan is a common ingredient in baking, especially for cakes. And its combination of sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, and, of course, ground almonds mean you get texture and nuttiness in your baked goods. Marzipan is the perfect substitute for Amoretto if you need the nutty almond sweetness without the alcohol. And the egg whites contribute to making the dough more moldable. The blended combination of ingredients in marzipan allows it to work in dessert recipes efficiently, but most especially for cakes. Marzipan can be used in equal amounts as Amoretto, but it must be crumbled first.

Almond Extract

McCormick Culinary Imitation Almond Extract

Almond extract is more concentrated in flavor and is the most preferred substitute if you want to infuse more of this flavor. It’s made from a combination of extracted almond oil and ethyl, which is flavorless alcohol. The almond oil is derived initially from bitter almonds, renowned for being richer in the nutty flavor than its sweet counterpart. But you must note that almond extract is a condensed liquid, and as such, is heavily saturated in flavor. So, when substituting, use one teaspoon of almond extract for one tablespoon of Amoretto.

Orgeat Italian Soda Syrup

Fabbri Italian Flavoring Syrup, Orgeat

This substitute is another perfect non-alcoholic option you can consider. It does contain almond oil, so if you’re allergic, you should stay off this suggestion. Orgeat Italian soda syrup is also commonly known as French Orgeat, so that you may find it in that name at grocery stores. And it’s a milky sweetener comprised of almond oil and orange flower water. Orgeat Italian soda syrup is an excellent option if you’re looking for an alternative to Amoretto in drinks. And you can use it in equal quantities as Amoretto.


Timothy's Kahlua Coffee

If you have Kahula in your cabinet, then it works as a last resort substitute for Amoretto. This coffee liqueur, like Amoretto, is both nutty and alcoholic, with the singular distinction being it doesn’t contain almond. Still, Kahula is just as syrupy and tasty, as the sugary content softens the alcohol present in the liqueur. And being a coffee liqueur, it’s already a common addition to desserts and cocktails and in cake toppings.  You can use coffee liqueur in equal quantities as Amoretto in your recipe, but you should note that you won’t get the almond flavor but coffee instead. But if you’re open to variety, you’ll still find the recipe just as appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Amoretto unhealthy?

Amoretto is rich in calories with a few vitamins and minerals. And though it’s not considered an unhealthy consumable, it’s advised that one practice moderation when using Amoretto.

What can I use instead of Amoretto in tiramisu?

If you wish to omit Amoretto from your tiramisu recipe or you ran out, use Frangelico. If you don’t have that, you can also consider Masala, wine, or brandy.

Can you get drunk off of Amoretto?

Yes, you can. Amoretto is high in alcohol- at least 56 proof, which means when consumed, you’ll feel its effects. And the potency may still be noticeable if it’s used in baking desserts, depending on how prone your system is to the effects of alcohol.


If you ever find yourself out of Amoretto, or you need a replacement for it, you can always consider these options. Some come with a similar flavor profile as the almond liqueur, while others offer you a unique approach to preparing your recipes. Whichever you select, master how best to use them so you can always end up with fantastic results every time you use them.