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How Long to Cook Bagel Bites in Microwave

A bagel bite is a healthy snack that will give you a boost of energy for the day. They’re an excellent lunch or supper alternative when you don’t have time to order your favorite pizza.

Bagel Bites are a popular snack because they are simple to prepare. You usually don’t even need your oven or stovetop for this, and it will be sufficient to simply use a microwave.

If you prefer to heat some bagel bites in the oven, that is also an option, but today, I am going to show you how to efficiently cook bagel bites in a microwave.

If you have bagel pieces in your freezer, you may be wondering how to microwave them properly without compromising their quality. Read on as you learn how to cook bagel bites in a microwave, paying close attention to the cooking time.

Bagel Nutrition Facts

Bagel Nutrition Facts

Tips on How to Cook Bagel Bites in Microwave

Cooking or, more importantly, reheating items in a microwave may appear to be a simple task! Even such a simple technique, however, necessitates some understanding in order to correctly cook your meal and avoid making a mess.

Things are the same with bagel bites. If you want to cook them after they’ve been taken out of the freezer, and you want them to come out of the microwave still pleasant and soft, keep the following suggestions in mind:

The crisping tray – A crisping tray is included in every Bagel Bites package for use only with microwave heating. Remove the plastic wrap and set it, shiny side up, on your microwave tray (or a microwave-safe plate).

How to Cook Bagel Bites in Microwave –  Seeing as bagels must be kept frozen to maintain their quality, most folks are perplexed about how to cook them properly so that the bagel bites still remain tasty and they don’t get too dry.

So I’ll Show You How to Microwave Your Treats Properly and How Long They Should Be Cooked to Come Out Ideally Hot.

  • Preheat the oven to 4250 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Proceed to remove the bagel bites from the package. Crisping trays – which are used in microwave cooking – are used for packaging bagel bites.
  • Remove the plastic tray and set it on the microwave tray’s shining side. The crisping tray protects the bottom of the bagel bites from sogginess in the microwave.
  • Place the bagel bites on the shiny side of your crisping tray, leaving room between them. This will ensure that the bagels are cooked thoroughly and crisp.

Reheat Bagel Bites – You may easily take out much too many bagels, leaving you with several extras that you will not eat right now. So you opt to keep some of the bagels refrigerated. Bagel bites and small pizzas are typically stored in the freezer to maintain their optimum quality and texture for a longer period. Of course, if we need to prepare them for eating, we will have to put them straight into the oven from the frosting camera; no thawing is required.

If you plan on eating your bagels within a day or two, this is a fantastic alternative. If you keep them for too long, their quality and flavor will deteriorate! However, because such items can only be warmed once due to safety concerns, you must know how to do it appropriately.

This approach worked for bagels that have been refrigerated for up to four days, but if your treats have been kept longer or have dried up due to incorrect storage, it is best to throw them out and get new ones.

How Long to Cook Bagel Bites in Microwave

Do you want to try making bagel bits but aren’t sure how long to cook them in the microwave? Then you’re in for a treat because I’ll tell you how long to cook bagel bites in the microwave.

Put frozen Bagel Bites – toppings facing up – on a microwave-safe plate. Then place the plate in the microwave and cook on high for two minutes and ten seconds. You should allow approximately a minute for the Bagel Bites to cool slightly before serving.

Though, the cooking time for small pizza bagel pieces is determined by the number of them in the package. Also, the capacity of your microwave is important because a microwave with a lesser power rate will take longer to cook these little pizzas than, say, an 1100 Watt microwave.

In general, a packet of eight bagel pieces requires one minute and 45 seconds of heating time to adequately cook them. If you need to cook a package containing twelve of them, the cooking process will take about two minutes and 45 seconds.

Your bagel bites will need to be cooked on high power in both circumstances. Please keep in mind that they should be left to stand for a minute or two before serving and consumption for optimal results.


Pieces of Bagel Cook Time
4 55 seconds – 75 seconds
8 2 minutes, 20 seconds
12 2 minutes, 15 seconds – 3 minutes
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Bagel Bites In The Microwave

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If you are in a hurry, you can use the microwave because it just takes three minutes to cook. The bagel crust will be a little soft in the microwave, despite the fact that they cook quicker. They also have a proclivity for sticking to the crisper plate.


  • Bagel Bites


  1. Before microwaving Bagel Bites, you do not need to thaw them. You can open it up and remove the bagel bites. You should remove the plastic wrapper from the crisping tray and throw it away.
  2. Then proceed to place the frozen Bagel Bites, toppings facing up, on a microwave-safe platter.
  3. Place the plate in the microwave and cook on high for two minutes and ten seconds.
  4. Allow approximately a minute for the Bagel Bites to cool slightly before serving.
  5. Enjoy.

You should remove the crisping tray from the box and discard the wrapper before cooking in the microwave. After that, you can place the bagel bites tray in the microwave. Cook on high heat for the amount of time specified on the chart above.

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