How Long to Cook Hot Dogs in a Microwave

How Long to Cook Hot Dogs in a Microwave

If you’re looking for a quick way to cook a hot dog, the microwave is your best bet. A hot dog can be ready to eat in under a minute using a microwave. Cooking multiple hot dogs at the same time only takes a few minutes longer. Best of all, because hot dogs are pre-cooked, you don’t have to worry about undercooking them; simply heat them until they’re warm enough to eat.

How Long to Cook Hot Dogs in a Microwave

Hot Dogs Nutrition Facts

How Long to Cook Hot Dogs in a Microwave

Cooking Tips

Consider warming the buns

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Hot dogs are traditionally served in a white bun. Though you can use the buns right out of the bag, many people prefer the sensation of a warm bun when eating a hot dog. Microwaving a bun is a quick and easy way to warm it up. Alternatively, you can choose to toast the buns. Toasted buns also have the warmth of microwaved buns but with a crisp, toasty texture. Toasting hot dog buns are simple if you have a toaster; simply toast them at the same temperature as white bread.

Top with Condiments

Hot dogs are delectable on their own, but adding toppings allows you to express your culinary creativity while also adding flavor to this classic dish. Typically, you’ll want to add these condiments after the hot dog has been microwaved, as cooking can alter the taste and consistency of these toppings. Here are a few suggestions for toppings:




Sauce with hot pepper

Pickle relish

Bacon, etc.

Consider an “all-in-one” microwave hot dog recipe.

While most hot dog condiments are meant to be added cold after the hot dog is finished, a few recipes allow you to microwave the hot dog and its toppings. Several examples are provided below:

Cheese dogs: Slit each hotdog lengthwise and insert a strip of your favorite cheese. Microwave as usual, then serve.

Chilli dogs: Cover hot dogs in a microwave-safe tray with chili. Microwave according to package directions, allowing for a little extra cooking time for the chili. Serve the hot dogs and chili separately from the buns; guests can select a bun and then add a hot dog and chili from the other dish.

Sauerkraut dogs are made by placing an uncooked hot dog in a bun and topping it with sauerkraut. Wrap the hot dog entirely in a paper towel and fold the excess towel underneath. Microwave, as usual, adding 5-10 seconds per frank. The bun will be slightly soggy, but this texture complements the sauerkraut well.

Cooking time for Hot Dogs in a Microwave

Because microwaves have varying wattages, cooking times may vary slightly. The cooking times highlighted below are based on a microwave with around 800-1,000 watts power rating. Use shorter cooking times if your microwave has a higher wattage (and vice versa for lower wattage units):

  • 1 hot dog: About 40 seconds
  • 2 hot dogs: About 1 min to 1 min 15 secs
  • 3-4 hot dogs: About 1 min 30 secs to 2 mins 30 secs
  • 5-6 hot dogs: About 3 mins to 3 mins 30 secs
  • 7-8 hot dogs: About 4 to 5 mins
  • 9-10 hot dogs: About 6 mins
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How Long to Cook Hot Dogs in a Microwave

  • Author: Bobby


  • 4 tablespoons of water
  • 1 hot dog (or more)
  • 1 bun (or more)
  • Toppings of your choosing


  1. Wet a paper towel and drain out excess water from it
  2. Loosely wrap the paper towel around the hot dog
  3. Heat on high for 30 seconds
  4. Check if Hot Dog is hot enough (be cautious as it might be hot)
  5. Repeat the process in intervals of 15 seconds until the Hot Dog is heated thoroughly
  6. Place Hot Dog in a bun
  7. Top with your choice of toppings