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How long to Cook Pizza at 450F (2)

Homemade Pizza (4 to 6 Servings)



Pizza Dough

  • 3¾ cups of bread flour
  • 1½ cups of warm water
  • One package of instant yeast
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil, extra-virgin
  • Two tablespoons of kosher salt
  • One teaspoon of sugar

Ingredients and Toppings


  1. Sprinkle yeast in a mixer bowl of warm water and leave it to dissolve for five minutes. Then, add the flour, sugar, salt, and olive oil. Mix on low speed for one minute with the mixing pad, then fix the dough hook attachment and knead the dough for seven to 10 minutes on low speed. You should have a tacky dough, and if not, add a bit more flour.
  2. Coat a bowl with a thin layer of olive oil and place the dough inside. Then, turn it so it gets evenly coated with the oil, cover it with plastic film, and leave it to rise for two hours to eight hours (at room temperature) or 24 hours (in the fridge).
  3. Put the pizza stone on the lower third rack of the oven, set the oven to 450, and leave it for 30 minutes so the stone heats.
  4. Dust flour on your hands and split the pizza dough into two balls, then put them in separate bowls, cover with film, and leave for 15 minutes to two hours.
  5. Flatten the dough ball on a lightly floured surface and work it out with your fingertips into half-inch thick flats. Gently stretch and turn the dough until it stretches no more, then let it relax for five minutes and repeat the process. Stop when the dough is about 10 to 12 inches in diameter.
  6. Make dents on the flat dough surface by gently pressing down with your fingertips. Then, lightly brush the top with olive oil and let it rest for another 10 to 15 minutes.
  7. Sprinkle the peel with cornmeal and place the flattened dough on top. Then, spread the tomato sauce on it, sprinkle with the cheese, and add the other toppings. Ensure to not overload the pizza so the toppings and crust can cook properly.
  8. Dust the pizza stone with cornmeal, and gently transfer the dough onto it, then bake for 10 to 15 minutes. The pizza is ready when the crust is golden brown, the cheese has melted, and the toppings are thoroughly cooked.

More can be watched here.

  • Author: Bobby