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How to Cook a Baked Potato Fast

Baked potatoes are a regular feature on most menus for a lot of reasons. They pair perfectly with almost any recipe, taste amazing, and are a fantastic way to add enough calories to a dish. Plus, baked potatoes are easy to prepare and cost very little to make.

But baked potatoes take longer to cook, with most recipes needing up to an hour for complete doneness. So, it’s not your typical quick-pick option in cases where time is short. But there’s a way to make this recipe faster than the expected cooking time and still produce a tasty result.

How to Cook a Baked Potato Fast

Potato Nutrition Facts

How to Cook a Baked Potato Fast

Tips for Quick Baked Potatoes

To make your baked potatoes quicker than the average time, try these hacks instead;

Use Russet Potatoes- Russet potatoes or Idaho potatoes are the best options because of their starchy content. Plus, the skin of these potatoes develops a perfect crisp when roasted for this recipe.

Poke before Baking– Poking holes in the potatoes is more of a safety precaution than a hack. It allows steam to escape as it heats in the oven. If not, the potatoes may explode from the pressure and mess it up.

Cook Naked on the Rack- It’s a common idea to wrap potatoes in foil before cooking them in the oven. But note that this procedure would steam and not bake them. So, it’s best to place them straight on the rack, so the skin comes out crispy.


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Cooking Baked Potatoes Fast

To make your baked potatoes quicker than the usual time, here’s what to do;

Prepare the Potatoes

Wash the potatoes by scrubbing them with a brush under running water. And make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned before you cook them, especially if you’ll be eating the skin. Once done, dry them with paper towels or a cloth.

Poke the Potatoes

Stab the Russet potatoes at the center point of both sides with a fork. The holes will allow heat to escape, so the pressure doesn’t build up.

Microwave the Potatoes

Set the potatoes in the microwave oven in twos or fours and cook on high for about five to six minutes- 10 to 12 minutes if you put four. And if you’re cooking more than four potatoes, the best way is to place them two at a time.

Season the Potatoes

Carefully move the potatoes to a baking pan and drizzle with olive oil. Make sure to smear the oil all over the surfaces, and then season with salt and pepper or as desired. Also, spread the seasoning, so it coats every part.

Bake the Potatoes

Put the container in the oven and bake for 30 minutes. You’ll notice the potatoes attain a crispy skin that allows a fork or knife to slide in easily.

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How to Cook a Baked Potato Fast..

Quick Baked Potatoes (2 Serving)

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  • Two large Russet or Idaho potatoes washed and dried
  • Olive oil, extra virgin
  • Pepper
  • Salt



  1. Poke the potatoes on both sides at the CenterPoint and place them in the microwave. Then, cook on high for five minutes.
  2. Move the potatoes to a baking pan and coat evenly with olive oil. Then, season as desired with pepper and salt, making sure they cover every surface.
  3. Bake until the skin turns crisp and the potatoes skewer easily-it takes about 30 minutes or so. Split them open and serve as you please.

Also, take a peek at this video recipe for more ideas.

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