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How To Cook Artichoke Boil

How To Cook Artichoke Boil

Artichokes are both healthy and delicious. In addition, artichokes are a quick and easy salad substitute, and however, they do take a bit longer to prepare. To make an excellent sharing appetizer or snack, learn how to cook artichokes correctly every time using the boiling method.

Fortunately, I have highlighted a quick guide on the artichokes boil recipe. I will show you how to pick the best artichokes, how to prepare and cook them, and how to serve and enjoy this fascinating vegetable.

How To Cook Artichoke Boil

Artichoke Nutrition Facts

How To Cook Artichoke Boil

Why Cook Artichoke Boil

The artichoke boil recipe is simple and straightforward, without any excessive steps. It is hands-off; they require some time to prepare but not much time to cook. Moreover, this dish is really healthy for you. Artichokes are a genuine superfood that has been utilized for medical purposes in the Mediterranean region for ages.

Artichokes are low in fat and high in fiber, which is one of the reasons they’re so excellent for you. Adding fiber to your diet is a terrific way to feel fuller for longer, which is presumably why artichokes are so filling. Moreover, they shouldn’t be calorie-wise, with little over 60 kcal per artichoke.

Tip To Cook Artichoke Boil

I have highlighted some delicate tips to support this artichoke recipe. You can follow these tips to guide you efficiently in cooking artichoke boil.

  • Picking the artichoke – Look for the following characteristics while buying artichokes; The leaves are closed and not withered, plus they are heavy for their size. Light artichokes with withered leaves should be avoided because they are most likely dried out and old. And they won’t be able to eat much flesh.

Artichokes are also in season between March and June and September and October. That means now is the most significant moment to take advantage of them. 

  • Removing the choke – Put all leaves on a serving plate and set aside. To remove the hairy choke, put a spoon under it and scrape it off gently. Make sure you remove the tough leaves close to the base of the artichokes. To make the artichokes sit flat, remove the stems altogether.
  • Boiling – Cook in a large pot of boiling, lightly salted water. Depending on the size and freshness of the artichoke, it will take 15-30 minutes, so check after 15 minutes.
  • Omissions – The lemon can be omitted, I prefer the flavor it imparts, and it helps prevent the artichokes from becoming grey during cooking. Before slicing, please be careful to wash the skin. Refined table salt can be omitted, but it provides a lot of taste and can be substituted for any other sort of salt.
  • Artichokes come in various sizes and textures – With some being smaller and softer and others being more significant and more durable. The smaller ones will cook in a fraction of the time as the larger ones.
  • Checking to see if it’s done – Take one of the larger leaves and pull it out. When a leaf from the middle pulls away quickly, you know it’s done and ready to eat; otherwise, pierce an artichoke with a paring knife. They’re ready if it pierces through with no friction. Drain well and turn upside down to drain the water.
  • Enjoying artichoke boil – Don’t toss those leaves away; there’s plenty of tasty flesh on them to enjoy. Dip the leaf’s bottom half in a dipping sauce or melted butter. Then put it in your mouth and slide it out, extracting the pulp from the leaves between your teeth. Remove the last petal and throw it away. Continue until you’ve eaten all of the leaves. You can also enjoy the artichoke petal by dipping it in garlic first.

How To Cook Artichoke Boil

This artichoke boil is a hands-off superfood snack/appetizer that takes less than 45 minutes to prepare and is exceptionally extraordinary to eat.

Follow my step-by-step guide and video to see how simple it is to create boiled artichokes. You can use this approach to learn how to cook artichokes to delicious perfection.


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Prepare The Artichoke Boil

Clean the artichokes by washing them under cold water to eliminate any dirt.

Then place the artichoke on a cutting board and slice off the top to prepare it for cooking. This will cut off roughly an inch of the thorny leaves’ tip.

You could also want to use a pair of kitchen shears to clip some of the lower leaves. While this isn’t strictly essential, it accomplishes two objectives. This will expose the artichoke to the steam and remove the pointed tips of the leaves, ensuring that no one is poked.

Hold the artichoke firmly at the base and chop the top two rows of leaf tips with kitchen shears to eliminate the sharp thorns. Trim the stem flush with the artichoke bulb’s base.

Mix 1-quart water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a medium-sized mixing bowl. Then submerge it in the acidulated water and leave it there until you’re ready to cook, and this keeps the leaves and stems from turning brown.

Cook Artichoke Boil

Take the artichoke out of the lemon water. You can add a pinch of salt, then bring a pot of water to a boil. The artichoke should be completely submerged in water.

Add the artichoke to the water – reduce to low heat. Cover and cook until the leaves can quickly be taken off – this is around 20 to 35 minutes depending on the size of the artichoke.

Before you serve and eat, drain it and let it cool.

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How To Cook Artichoke Boil

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  1. Choose a saucepan that will hold all of the artichokes you’ll be cooking. Fill it halfway with water and set it on high heat to bring it to a boil. Trim the artichokes in the meantime.
  2. Rinse the artichokes and cut the stem flush with the base so they can stand level. Lemon juice should be applied to the cut regions. Cut an inch from the top of each artichoke and massage the cut area with lemon juice.
  3. Snip the top half-inch of each leaf with kitchen shears. Place the artichoke’s base side down in the boiling water. Reduce the heat to a moderate simmer, Then weigh the artichokes’ tops with a dish lid that fits into the pot to keep them immersed.

Watch this video recipe to know how to cook artichoke boil efficiently.