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Best Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer(3)

Best Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer

In early 2020, Blackstone released a new appliance that combines a grill flat top or griddle with air fryers. And today, it’s considered one of the best kitchen equipment for frying foods. So while you may feel the appliance may not be so different from regular ones, the reverse is the case. But how different is it, and should you bother getting one, or is it a waste of money?

Best Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer

What is the Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer?

The Blackstone griddle with an air fryer is an integrated kitchen appliance design that combines a flat griddle top with air fryers, such that they can cook simultaneously. The appliance is also built to work outside, so you know barbecue afternoons are about to take a turn. It offers lots of control and cooking options and comes with a solidly-built construction. And its combination of a grill with an air fryer makes it one of the most innovative outdoor cooking appliances today.

Reviewing the Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer

Many praises have popped up regarding the Blackstone griddle with air fryer, which is probably why you’re reading about it. But what makes this product stand apart from the competition? Well, let’s find out using various factors;

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Size and Construction

Blackstone griddles with air fryers are heftily built. The most recent mode, for instance, has a 36″ griddle with a total construction weight of 133 pounds. This heavy-built appliance is fashioned to resist rust and corrosion due to its stainless steel frame. But you can still push it around with ease as it also includes wheels and locks them in place once you’ve positioned the grill to a convenient spot.

Functions and Design

The griddle includes four stainless steel burners that work independently, and the appliance is gas-powered. You’ll also find it comes with side hooks for utensils, a magnetic toolbar, a warming drawer, side shelves for condiment jars and bottles, and a rear grease management system. The last feature helps to prevent the chance of flare-ups due to grease accumulation as you cook. And you’ll also find a collapsible side table, where you can place ready-made meals or assemble items like burgers and hotdogs.

The total cooking powder of all the burners of this appliance amounts to 60,000 BTUs, meaning the food is thoroughly and quickly prepared. And you can prepare a wide range of recipes on it, from burgers to steaks, chicken, stir-frys, veggies, pancakes, and even donuts. The grill’s wide space lets you prepare different meals simultaneously, giving you much flexibility. And the control knobs are quite responsive and smooth-turning, allowing you accurately measure preferred heat levels for your cooking. You’ll also find a hood for use as a splash guard and another behind the grill that helps control oil splashes.

Special Features

Best Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer

Perhaps the most standout feature of the Blackstone griddle with an air fryer is (as you guessed it) the air fryer compartments. The appliance offers three drawers, but only two are for air frying- the third is a warm area. But in the fryers, temperatures can range from 300 to 475F, allowing various crispy air-fried recipes to be made- roasted veggies, fries, baked salmon, etc. And unlike conventional air fryers, which use an electric heating element, propane fires up this griddle and heats the air fryers as well.

The total dimension for this appliance allows a convenient height for cooking, so you won’t have to bend to turn your food. And this is also applicable to the air fryer compartments, which can be controlled with sturdy handlebars.


The Blackstone griddle with an air fryer can be cleaned easily. Behind the flat top is a grease management system where all the excess oil is collected as it drains to the back funnel. The top is also easy to maintain, as all you need is a scraper, a clean rag, some oil, and water. The water is used to scrap bits, and the oil is spread on the surface with the rag to prepare it for the next cooking session.

Below is a full lowdown of the appliance’s specifications

  • 756 square inch griddle cooking surface
  • 36-inch griddle width
  • Four burners with independent control knobs
  • 133 pounds
  • Dimensions; 67 3/8 by 27 x 42 ¾ (inches)
  • Up to 60,000 BTU
  • Magnetic toolbar
  • Four wheels
  • Collapsible side table
  • Rear grease management system

What Makes the Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer Stand Out?

The Blackstone griddle with air fryer offers tons of advantages, but you only need a few to be fully convinced. Here they are;

  • Speed Cooking: At 60,000 BTU, this appliance prepares all recipes within minutes.
  • Versatile Design: You won’t have to wait for turns like a regular air fryer, as you can both cook on the flat top and air fry foods. It’s also more convenient than your regular grills or griddle.
  • Durable Design: The appliance is perfectly built for outdoor survival, thanks to its solid steel frame and seasoned coating.
  • Extra Features: The air fryer drawers are a huge plus on this appliance, but you’ll also enjoy the magnetic toolbars, collapsible table, and other features.
  • Ease of Use: You’d expect an appliance like this to require complicated operational instructions, but it doesn’t. The Blackstone griddle with an air fryer is easy to operate and works with zero hassle.


Of course, every product comes with its flaws, and the Blackstone griddle with an air fryer is no exception. But most of its faults are manufacturers’ errors, like cases where people report faulty knobs, weak burners, or scraped griddle surfaces. Luckily, these complaints are immediately addressed once you call the manufacturer’s numbers.

Still, the Blackstone griddle with air fryer has its few lags, which are;

  • Heavy size: The wheels may ease its movement, but it doesn’t negate that this appliance is heft and weighs a lot. It’s why you should choose the perfect spot, so you don’t have to move it a lot.
  • Instruction Issues: The appliance needs to be assembled upon arrival, but the instruction manual doesn’t tell you which tools to use. You may need previous knowledge on such topics not to be an issue.
  • One-Side Shelf Design Flaw: While this may not be a concern, some find it out of taste that the one-side shelf stops at the propane tank when it’s collapsed.


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Should You Get It?

Now, it’s to answer the question lingering in your mind. As you’ve come across the various benefits and seen the drawbacks, coming to a verdict shouldn’t be a problem.

If you love cooking outdoors and cater to a large crowd, then you might want to invest in this appliance. However, its spacious cooking area and effective operation mean you get more for less time and energy.

Thanks to its upgraded design, it’s also an excellent appliance for parties and backyard barbecue hangouts and can easily replace traditional griddles and grills.

You can also consider its various sizes as the Blackstone griddle with air fryer comes in 38 and 28 –inch options. The latter offers two burners and air fryer drawers, making it a more compact option. But if your quest is for more power and versatility, then the former is your best bet.


The Blackstone griddle with an air fryer is an innovative addition to outdoor kitchen appliances. And the infusion of air fryers into its design gives it an edge over many contenders. With it, you can prepare your favorite stir-fried and air-fried recipes for large gatherings and remain the spatula king. So, if this is something you look forward to, then add it to your itinerary as quickly as you can.