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Vegetable broth

Substitute for Veggie Broth

Vegetables are an important source of nutrients beneficial to us, so it is often incorporated in meals. Some clever individuals went ahead and made it possible for different vegetables to be simmered and packaged, making it a powerhouse of nutrients. These packaged vegetables are also called vegetable broths. These broths are added to soups or stews, giving them more base, and since these broths are seasoned, they could also be eaten alone, especially when sick.

Vegetable broth

The veggie broth has a lot of advantages, and most people might feel frustrated when they can’t get their hands on one, especially since they are a quicker alternative for achieving soups and sauces. However, it is quite simple to substitute for this item and still get the desired results.

What is Vegetable Broth?

The name itself is self-explanatory; most persons call the vegetable soup the broth, which means the same thing. The vegetable broth is a flavorful liquid that contains simmered vegetables. The vegetables are the main ingredient and may house other ingredients, like beans, pasta, legumes, etc.

The vegetable soup has been around since the 5th century, and it is not only significant in the culinary field, but it is also important in our health. It houses many health benefits such as managing our digestive system, enhancing our vision, strengthening our bones, improving our skin, and a lot more.

Vegetable Nutrition Facts


Vegetable Broth Uses in Recipes

The vegetable broth is basically like a soup. However, food enthusiasts can still incorporate them into different delicacies adding more taste, texture, and nutrients to them. It may seem impossible for most persons to get creative with this item and may decide to put it away once they are done with their recipe, but there are different recipes out there you can experiment with the vegetable broth, and some of them include;

Vegetable Broth Substitutes

It is common to run out of veggie broth; most people rarely use this ingredient and may not see the need to keep it around. Others may not want to use it because some processed broths are salty and cause high sodium levels. Whichever the reason is for not having a veggie broth, these substitutes would help you achieve the results you expect from a veggie broth in any recipe.

Homemade Veggie Broth

Homemade Veggie Broth

Making a broth by yourself is a good option because you can prepare it to your taste and with all the necessary ingredients you want. However, making a broth by yourself is not a good last-minute option as it could take a bit of your time, but in a case where you have enough time to make it, the homemade version is the best. In this case, you can still use the same measurements as you would with the store-bought veggie broth.



Believe it or not, these are great alternatives for veggie broth. It is a good vegan option, and tomatoes have a mild but savory taste. It also introduces a meaty flavor to a meal. This would work as a last-minute substitute that you could chop right into your meal.

Depending on your recipe or preference, for a lighter texture, a half cup of diced tomatoes should be mixed with a half cup of water to replace a full cup of veggie broth in a meal. If you prefer not to see the tomato in your meal, you could soak dried tomatoes in boiling water and use the liquid in your recipe.



The name itself means broth in French. This version of broth is dehydrated and sometimes shaped into a cube. Is it a good substitute for veggie broth because they both have similar tastes. However, the Bouillon is saltier than the veggie broth. When using this alternative, is it best to refrain from adding extra salt and pepper shrimp to the recipe.

The Bouillon cubes and powders are cheaper to purchase, and they have a longer shelf life because of their low moisture. To get the best out of this ingredient, it should be dissolved in boiling water before adding to the recipe. A cube of Bouillon should be dissolved in a cup of hot water and substituted for a cup of veggie broth in any recipe.



As surprising as it may sound to most persons, wine is a good alternative for veggie broth. Wine has long been used in the culinary field and is the secret ingredient in most delicious recipes, adding deep flavors.

Wine has the special ability to make other ingredients look good because of its alcohol content. It brings out the flavor of other ingredients like nothing else. When working with wine, you should use red wine for meaty or rich recipes, and the white wine can be substituted for clear liquid-based recipes like veggie broth. Once the wine is added, it should be cooked thoroughly until the liquid in the recipe reduces to half to avoid alcohol after taste. Substitute 1/4 to 1/2 parts of wine and then complete the rest of the quantity needed with water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Vegetable broth last?

If you have a homemade vegetable broth, it may last for 4-5 days depending on your preservation, and a store-bought vegetable broth may last for 5-6 days.

Is there a difference between veggie broth and veggies stock?

Vegetable broth is considered by most persons to be lighter than Vegetable stock because the stock is made by simmering the bones of chicken or meat. It is cooked for longer, giving it a thicker texture than the broth.

Is vegetable broth a fully vegan option?

This depends on the product you purchase because some may have meat or chicken in them, so you should check the labels properly before buying it. You can easily whip up a homemade one with all the ingredients you want.


The vegetable broth has been an ingredient used for a long period. It adds texture and flavor to dishes. It is equally important in cooking, but when faced with challenges acquiring this item, the alternatives discussed above would be helpful to you. For example, a new recipe might even be formed in your kitchen.