Best Bonito Flakes for Cooking

Bonito flakes are made out of fish. They are delicious and used to make dashi or miso soup. Cats also live bonito flakes; besides, they are made out of fish, one of their favorite foods. Bonito flakes could, however, be a scarce commodity. Getting bonito flakes with the right size and consistency can be quite a task. Below are a few of the best bonito flakes for cooking in no particular order

1. Kaneso Extra-Large Bonito Flakes

Kaneso Transparent Pouch

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This is a kaneso product that comes in a transparent pack like pasta. It is excellent for making miso soup or dashi for miso soup. This is one of the tastiest brands. It has a very strong odor but adds a great taste to your miso soup or dashi. The kaneso bonito flakes are also great for diabetic cats. Their fine shavings are nice and big with a paperlike texture.  The pack is re-sealable. They have a more fresh, flavorful, and Rich taste compared to their counterparts.


  • Size: 2 × 3.52 ounces
  • ASIN: B09D7MGX9T
  • Price: $6.85 – $9.94


  • it is a less expensive substitute to other brands
  • it is fresh and flavorful
  • it is great for diabetic cats


– All the ingredients are written in Chinese with no translation.

2. Yamaki Commercial Flour Bonito

Yamaki commercial flower bonito



This is a Japanese bonito packaged in a 500g pack. They are great as a garnish in meals and broth. They don’t have too strong a flavor or such fishy smells as other products. They give your dish a juicy and fresh flavor. They also have a nice smoky flavor and do not contain any salt. They are also great as cat food.


  • Size: 5.32 oz
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • ASIN: B0188PHCKY
  • Price: $50.01


  • it doesn’t have a strong fishy smell
  • it has a nice smoky flavor
  • it serves as a good cat food too.


  •  you may wait several weeks before receiving the package
  • they are not crispy

3. Japanese Bonito Flakes

Japanese Bonito Flakes


This is a 5.64-ounce pack of bonito flakes. It does not contain MSG, unlike its counterparts. It, however, contains some salt and has a smoky flavor.


  • ASIN: B00Y023FMO
  • Weight: 5.6ounce
  • Price: $31.86


  • it has a smoky flavor
  • it is fully flaked
  • it does not contain MSG u like its counterparts


  • it does not have a natural taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all bonito flakes the same?

No. There are thin as well as thick bonito flakes. The thinnest is best used as a garnish. The thicker ones are best used for making soup.

Can you refrigerate bonito flakes?

No. Do not refrigerate bonito flakes. You can simply store them in a canister.

Do bonito flakes expire?

Yes, when it doesn’t stay dry, of course. However, if it stays dry, it can last for a very long time.


I have put together some good bonito flakes for cooking. My best value is the Kaneso extra-large bonito flakes. My best choice is the Japanese bonito flakes. Finally, my premium choice is the Yamaki commercial flour bonito. I do hope you found this helpful.