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Hard Boiled Eggs in Air Fryer

If you eat eggs frequently, you should give this air fryer hard-boiled eggs recipe a try. It’s fully hands-off, and there’s no need to wait for the water to boil. The boiled eggs that are air-fried come out perfectly done and are easy to peel.

Learn how to do it properly – with all the methods and tips, you’ll need to get your eggs just the way you want them.

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Hard Boiled Eggs in Air Fryer..

Tips to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs Air Fryer

  • Submerging the eggs in ice-cold water instantly stops the cooking process, making it easier to control the doneness of your eggs.
  • Try to remove the eggs, crack the shells, and peel them when they are cool but not all that chilled. Starting at the bottom/fattest section of the egg, you can start where the air bubble generally forms.
  • Play around with the timer to get your optimal completion time. Since the power and wattage of all air fryers vary, I recommend experimenting with different times to determine what works best for you.
  • If your air fryer doesn’t have a basket, use a grill rack or mesh rack. Even if you don’t have a basket, this method works equally well for allowing air to circulate quickly around the eggs.
  • You can cook up to 12 eggs at the same time. Since air fryer hard-boiled eggs last up to a week in the fridge, they’re ideal for bulk meal preparation. You may cook them in bulk once you’ve found the optimum time in your air fryer.

How to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs Air Fryer

Yes, making hard-boiled eggs in the air fryer is very simple. Just follow through with these easy steps.

Step 1

Preheat the air fryer to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can omit this step and add a couple of minutes to your cooking time.

Let’s go on, begin by preheating the oven. Set the timer for 13 to 17 minutes, depending on how cooked/done you want it to be.


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Step 2

Place the hard-boiled eggs in an ice-water bath made with cold water and ice cubes as soon as they’re done cooking. This helps to quickly stop the cooking process and makes peeling the eggs much easier. Alternatively, you may run them under cold running water for one minute.

After the eggs have been cooked, their outer shell may have raised spots on it, and this is simply due to the heated air flowing quickly and exerting pressure on the eggshells. It is quite normal if this happens to yours, and the peeled eggs are unaffected.

Step 3

Then simply peel the eggs as usual – particularly hard-boiled eggs from the air fryer peel very easily and quickly. Serve and enjoy.

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Hard Boiled Eggs in Air Fryer

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  1. Preheat an air fryer to 270 degrees F.
  2. Place the eggs in the fryer basket and cook for 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the eggs from the water and place them in an ice bath. Then when the egg is cool enough to handle, you can now peel it.

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