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How Long to Cook Pork Steaks on Grill

Pork steaks are one of those meal options that check all the boxes: they’re cheap, flavorful, and easy to prepare. Pork steaks are always delicious, whether they’re breaded, served with sauces, or simply seasoned on their own.

For good reason, pork steaks are a mainstay in many civilizations and cuisines. However, to get the most out of pork steaks, there are a few things to keep in mind, all of which this article aims to enlighten you about.

Pay attention to all our tips, recommendations, and timing g guidelines so that you’ll always achieve perfectly grilled pork steaks.

How Long To Cook Pork Steaks On Grill

Pork Steaks Nutrition Facts

How Long To Cook Pork Steaks On Grill

Tips for Cooking Pork Steaks on Grill

Working with pork steaks on the grill requires the knowledge of a number of tips and guidelines in order to get the best-finished products. We’ve outlined some of such tips below:

Choosing pork steaks – Pork steaks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pork shoulder steaks that are gotten from the shoulder region, pork loin steaks that are obtained from the loin, and pork escalope gotten from the leg are all popular selections.

An excellent pork steak is usually lean, with a little bit of fat on the exterior to provide flavor. Pork loin medallions are a good cut to try if you’re looking for a more lean steak. Medallions are also made from the loin, but the fat has been removed.

Thicker vs thinner steaks – Pork steaks are generally available in two thicknesses at the supermarket: thick and thin. A thicker cut of pork steak will take a little longer to cook than a thinner cut steak, but it will maintain its succulence better. If you’re going to make a stir-fry or toast your steak, thinner cuts of pork steaks are best because they cook faster.

Storing pork steaks – It’s critical to store pork steaks safely. Proper storage, like with all fresh meat products, decreases the risk of food poisoning or cross-contamination.

Pork steaks should be kept in the refrigerator’s coldest portion, ideally at the bottom, covered in a food bag or in a sealed plastic container at 5°C or lower. They should ideally be kept for up to 2 – 3 days (ensure that your fridge is cold enough by checking with a fridge thermometer). To avoid freezer burn, freeze your steaks in a sealed plastic container or cover them in foil, cling film, or a plastic food bag for up to 4 to 6 months at -18°C.


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Cooking Time for Pork Steaks on Grill

The ideal timing guideline for cooking pork steaks on the grill has been described in the table below:

Cooking Procedure Cooking Time
Grilling pork steaks 7 to 10 minutes on each side
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How Long To Cook Pork Steaks On Grill

Grilled Pork Steaks (4 to 8 Servings)

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  • Cola
  • Citrus soda
  • Apple juice
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Barbecue sauce of choice
  • Pork steaks (4 to 8)


  1. Brining your pork steaks – or any meat in particular – is the simplest way to add flavor. This recipe calls for a brine made up of 6 ounces of cola and citrus soda (roughly half a can each), 1 to 2 cups of apple juice (add more juice if using more steaks), ½ cup of kosher salt, and enough water to fill the container.
  2. Put all of these ingredients in a ziploc bag, shake them well to dissolve the salt, and then brine the pork steaks for 30 minutes or overnight.
  3. After you’ve completed bringing, remove the pork from the bag, rinse it, and pat it dry using paper towels.
  4. Place the pork on a tray or plate to finish drying before sprinkling salt and freshly ground pepper on both sides (you could also use a dry rub of your choice, or you can explore with other barbecue rubs).
  5. Allow the pork to come to room temperature for half an hour after that, as this will ensure a more even and tasty roast.
  6. This is the ideal time to prepare the grill while the pork gets warmed up.
  7. Fill the grill halfway at its bottom with charcoal and ignite it, allowing it to smolder before adding wood chunks to the middle of the embers and topping with additional fuel, then the grill grate.
  8. Allow the heat and smoke to ramp up within the grill by closing the lid.
  9. You want a good sear on the steaks’ exterior while they cook, so the temperature should be over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  10. As soon as both the grill and pork steaks have warmed up, place the pork steaks directly on the grill grates to cook.
  11. Keep an eye on the pork while cooking to avoid flare-ups and charred flesh.
  12. During the cooking process, spritz the meat with a mixture of apple juice and two sodas every couple of minutes.
  13. Cook for another ten minutes before turning and continuing to cook on the opposite side for about ten minutes.
  14. After both sides of the pork steaks have finished cooking, use a brush to dab both sides with your preferred barbecue sauce, close the grill lid and any vents in the grill, then allow smoke to gather within five minutes.
  15. Your pork should reach a temperature of around 155 degrees Fahrenheit towards the conclusion of cooking, so be careful not to go past that temperature initially.
  16. Remove the steaks to a tray and cover them loosely using foil to rest for 10 minutes after the pork has reached the right temperature.
  17. The internal temperature of the pork will rise by another five degrees or thereabouts during this time, bringing it to a flawless 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  18. Resting the meat also allows the fibers to loosen up and absorb the fluids, resulting in a more delicious bite.
  19. You may proceed to eat the pork after it has rested.

This recipe for grilled pork steaks takes an entire duration of 41 minutes to make, including a prep time of 35 minutes and a cook time of 6 minutes. There are many other recipe ideas to explore with grilled pork steaks, and this video recipe is a great example.

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