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How to Cook Eggs in an Instant Pot

If you’re a fan of high proteinous dishes, this article should do the trick! Perfect for a quick breakfast, this instant pot method is actually the best technique for cooking hard-boiled eggs, and it’s really quick and simple to get done.

If you aren’t yet familiar with an Instant pot technique for preparing eggs, make sure to go through this start guide on how to use an Instant pot and the suitable cooking directions and tips just before you get started.

Eggs Nutrition Facts

How To Cook Eggs In An Instant Pot

Cooking Tips for Cooking Eggs in the Instant Pot

The following tips and procedures are important to produce the best easy-peel hard-boiled eggs:

Why go for an instant pot/pressure cooker – Apart from the fact that it’s amazingly easy and quick, the instant pot hard-boiled eggs tend to peel off with so much ease. You also don’t need to keep an eye on a pot on the stove since an instant pot or a pressure cooker is automatically set with its own timer. Just know the exact cook time for your eggs, and cooking them in the instant pot would be a breeze; plus, they always turn out perfectly done.

Duration of boiling eggs – It takes just a little while to prepare your eggs, maybe 20 minutes or even less depending on the size, quality, or age grade of your eggs. Although, there’s a method that’s familiar with cooking hard-boiled eggs, the (5-5-5-5 method). Here, your eggs take five minutes to come to high pressure, five minutes to cook in the pot, five minutes to get to natural pressure release, and another five minutes to cool off in an ice bath.

Another factor that could determine how long your eggs would cook is the type of instant pot being used. Some instant pots cook at a faster rate and accommodate more than some others. Whichever egg or cooker you’re using, just make sure you don’t over or undercook your eggs.

Peeling hard-boiled eggs – I’ve got to admit, hard-boiled eggs made in an instant pot are basically the easiest to peel. Immediately the eggs have been cooked in the instant pot, prepare an ice bath and afterward, crack the top and bottom open and roll them on a kitchen counter. Using your hands(in some cases) instantly makes the peel come off right without taking any bit of egg whites with it.

Soft vs. hard-boiled eggs – While eggs cooked in an instant pot, a pressure cooker, or on a stovetop give a firmer result, soft boiled eggs yield a more runny result with their yolk totally tender when cooked at a high pressure of 3 to 8 minutes. When cooking, you’ll know your eggs are soft boiled if the first batch of eggs comes out way too soft or overcooked; plus, it’s advisable to serve soft boiled eggs right away. For a medium firmer white and jammy yolk, cook the eggs for 4 to 5 minutes at most. However, for a firmer and fully set result, try cooking your eggs at the appropriate time of 6 to 7 minutes.

 Storing the eggs – Hard-boiled eggs can last for close to three hours at normal room temperature and will still be consumable for up to seven days if unpeeled in the refrigerator. However, when peeled, eggs can last for up to two to three days since they do not freeze well. Once done and peeled, place your hard-boiled eggs in a sealed container or in a well-sealed freezer bag and store them in the refrigerator until when they are needed.

Cooking time for eggs in an instant pot

The appropriate time for cooking eggs to achieve that hard-boiled result has been provided below:

Cooking procedures Cooking time
Cooking hard-boiled eggs in an instant pot over medium-high pressure 5 minutes
Cooking soft boiled eggs in an instant pot over high pressure 3 to 7 minutes
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How To Cook Eggs In An Instant Pot(1)

Instant pot hard-boiled eggs (2 to 4 servings)

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  • Fresh eggs (up to 12 to 24)
  • I cup of water
  • 8 to 10 cubes of ice + water

Cooking equipment

  • Electric instant pot or pressure cooker with rack trivet (6/8 quart)


  1. If you plan on cooking a dozen eggs or more, it’s recommended you use an egg steamer basket or stackable racks since you don’t want your eggs sitting directly in your instant pot of water. Although, this depends largely on the size of the pot if you’re cooking up to 5 to 8 fresh eggs at most, why not go with the rack trivet that comes with your instant pot. Also, make sure your eggs come to room temperature to prevent them from getting cracked while cooking.
  2. Add 1 cup of cold water into the instant pot (since a certain amount of liquid is necessary for the pressure pot to reach the required pressure) and gently place all your eggs in the egg/steam rack trivet. Note that using warm or hot water might alter the cooking time. Another helpful tip (try stacking the eggs on top of each other, remember not to cluster them on the side of the pot.)
  3. Pop on the lid of the pot and set the time for cooking at a period of 5 minutes and on high pressure. Immediately the time for cooking is elapsed, allow the pressure to release naturally for another 5 minutes (you can use a timer for this action so you don’t lose track of time). Using a wooden spoon or a kitchen towel, carefully release the remaining pressure in the pot by knocking the vent knob open.
  4. Gently open the lid and remove the eggs from the instant pot or pressure cooker. Then make an ice bath with some ice cubes and water and place eggs in the ice bath for another 5 minutes to cool down a bit. Then remove the eggs from the ice bath and peel the shell off easily or you can probably store for up to a week in the refrigerator unpeeled.

Cooking eggs on an instant pot is quite a game-changer due to its level of simplicity and cooking duration. Best served as a side dish, used in egg salads or even eaten as a healthy snack. To get more satisfying instant pot recipes, we recommend you check out

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