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How to Cook Veal Cutlets

Veal is at the top of the list as one of the most tender meats you would ever get from a cattle; maybe that is because it contains no bone, and it is gotten from young cattle. Veal cutlets can be cooked in numerous ways, but a very popular choice is pan-frying.

If you are new to Veal or still don’t know your way around this piece of meat, you have come to the perfect place because this article will help you get started on your journey to the perfect Veal cutlets. I’ve also included a table to indicate the time it takes to cook Veal cutlets, and lastly, I’ve included a quick Veal cutlets recipe in case you are low on inspiration.

How To Cook Veal Cutlets

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How To Cook Veal Cutlets

Tips for Cooking the Best Veal Cutlets

To ensure your Veal cutlets look beautiful and taste delicious, follow these steps. These tips are simple but have proven to be effective; some people may even call them hacks.

Dry out your meat – First thing you should do after getting Veal cutlets is to take them out of the packaging, pat them dry with a towel and bring them to room temperature. Meats are usually stored in low temperatures, so this is essential because you will be handling the Veal cutlets in the next step.

Tenderize your meat – This is a very important step in preparing Veal cutlets. Whether your recipe calls for thinly sliced meat or not, you still have to tenderize your meat to ensure your meat gets a softer, juicier Veal cutlet that is easy to eat. You can purchase a commercial meat tenderizer from a kitchen supplies store or soak the meat in milk overnight.

Pro-tip: do not beat the meat aggressively; you want gently strike your meat with the mallet against a flat surface.

Preheat your cooking oil –  To make your cooking process more convenient, you should prep your oil beforehand. The required temperature for cooking veal cutlets is 145°C, but you can also heat your oil to 175°C.

Use a thermometer – If you are not cooking meat without a thermometer, you’re not cooking meat the right way. Set your stove to medium heat and allow the temperature to reach 145°C; if you have an Infrared heat gun, you can also use that.

Do not overcrowd the pan – One of the biggest mistakes most home cooks make is overcrowding the pan when they cook. If you are in a hurry to get dinner on the table, you may < UNK> your pan with veal cutlets, making the cutlets cook unevenly. Ensure there is space in-between the cutlets; try as much as possible not to place one on another.

Cooking Time for Veal Cutlets

Follow the timing guidelines in the table below to get the best results when cooking veal cutlets:

Cooking Procedure

Cooking Time 

Cooking veal cutlets in the oven at 162°c

25 minutes to 40 minutes

Frying veal cutlets in vegetable oil

3 to 5 minutes per side

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Breaded veal cutlets (4 servings)

  • Author: Bobby




  1. Wrap your veal cutlets in a plastic wrap and gently beat them with a meat tenderizer until they become tender and thin. If you do not own a commercial meat tenderizer, you can also use the bottom of a pot or pan to beat your meat. Also, season your veal cutlets with pepper and salt after being tenderized.
  2. Pour 1/4 cup of olive oil into a frying pan and set the heat to medium-high. I would recommend using a non-stick pan because it easily removes the veal cutlets when cooked.
  3. Get three large plates; the plates should also be shallow and flat to contain the largest veal cutlet you have. On the first plate, you want to mix the flour with 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper.
  4. Beat two large eggs in a small bowl, pour in 2 tablespoons whole milk, and add some salt and black pepper to taste. Beat this mixture and transfer it to the second flat plate. This mixture would serve as a bind for your breadcrumbs.
  5. Next, chop some parsley (approximately one tablespoon of chopped parsley), add this to 3/4 cups of breadcrumbs, mix properly, and season with salt and black pepper to taste. At this point, throw in your pre-measured garlic powder, onion powder, and Italian seasoning. Also, set aside some fresh parsley to be used as a garnish.
  6. Now place the three large plates in the order it would be easy to access and convenient. Start with the flour plate, then the egg wash, and finally the breadcrumbs.
  7. Take out one veal cutlet, place it on the plate containing flour, make sure it is completely covered in flour, take it out and shake off any excess flour on the Veal, next you would dip the flour-covered Veal in the egg mixture, also shake off excess egg wash on the Veal, and finally place it completely flat on the plate with the breadcrumbs, make sure you press your veal cutlet to the plate to allow the breadcrumbs adhere.
  8. Now, cook your veal cutlets in the preheated oil for about 5 minutes on each side. To ensure your veal cutlets do not stick to each other, cook them one at a time. This may take longer to finish, but it yields the best results.
  9. Remove your veal cutlets from the pan and set them aside on a paper towel. Now you should go ahead and garnish them with the remaining chopped parsley.

This breaded veal cutlet recipe is the perfect comfort food you need; this recipe delivers delicious and crispy veal cutlets each time; make sure you try out this recipe if you are short on veal cutlet ideas. If you want to see more veal cutlets recipes, kindly check out this video recipe.