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Substitute for Whole Milk in Baking

Whole milk is a very popular ingredient available in virtually every kitchen. It is cow’s milk that hasn’t had its fat content stripped. The milk retains 3.5 percent fat and is slightly thick. Milk stripped of its fat content still retains at least 2 percent of fat. Skim milk, also known as fat-free or non-fat milk contains no fat at all.


Whole milk contains vitamins and minerals. These vitamins include; vitamin C, D, riboflavin, niacin, etc. It has a rich and creamy taste. It is a great low-calorie drink packed with protein. Consuming whole milk will provide you with about 25% of your daily vitamin D and about 30% of your daily calcium needs. It has been confirmed that pure whole milk lowers the rate of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. It can be used in the preparation of soda, bread, or baked cookies. It also adds flavor and nutrition to soups such as; cheeseburger soup, Italian wedding soup, mushroom soup, broccoli cheese soup, potato leek soup, and others.

Due to the high demand for whole milk especially in baking, it has become a necessity in every kitchen. However, there are factors that make a person seek an alternative to an ingredient. This could be due to unavailability, preference, or health reasons. This article highlights five excellent substitutes for whole milk in baking. They will be discussed below.

Uses of whole milk in baking

Whole milk is very important when it comes to baking. Some recipes that call for whole milk in baking include;

  1. Banana muffins with cream cheese icing
  2. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  3. Dark Chocolate cranberry baked oatmeal
  4. Milk and strawberry banana smoothie
  5. Mushroom and sausage lasagna recipe

Substitute for whole milk in baking

As earlier stated, whole milk is very important in baking. One can hardly bake without having this ingredient in it. However, there are various substitutes for whole milk. Some of them include the following;

Heavy cream


When it comes to cake decoration, heavy cream is the best substitute. It can be used to thicken ganache. Heavy cream is very similar to whipping cream. However, it contains a higher fat content than that if whipping cream. It contains about 36 percent milk fat.

Heavy cream is has a high calorie and fat content. However, it has a low carb content. This, therefore, makes it suitable for a keto diet. It is also a good source of saturated fat. To substitute, use ½ cup cream and ½ cup water as a substitute for 1 cup whole milk



Yogurt is another great substitute for whole milk. It is thicker than milk. It has a creamy taste and texture that is great for baked goods. It can be used for baking, making pancakes, etc. To substitute, stir in water till it is as light as milk. Then you can use it as a substitute in the recipe. To offset the tangy flavor of yogurt, you may add a little amount of vanilla. The tangy flavor may actually enhance the baked good, similar to how buttermilk works.

Sour cream

Sour cream


This substitute is great for pancakes and fried batters. However, it can be used in baking generally. Sour cream has a thick, creamy consistency. It also has a sour tangy taste, just as its name implies. Sour cream contains vitamins like calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, etc. How it contains about 59 calories per serving.

To substitute, Stir in water till it resembles the consistency of milk. This way, it’ll have a similar effect on the recipe as whole milk.

Organic Dry Milk Powder

Organic Dry Milk Powder



This is milk in powdered form. It is a great substitute for whole milk. It is great for cereals and beverage drinks that require milk. Powered milk won’t compromise the flavor of your baked goods. Mix the powder with water according to the instructions on the packaging. Afterward, replace the milk measure for measure.

Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk


Evaporated milk is another excellent substitute for whole milk in baking. Add an equal amount of water to evaporated milk to thin it out. This will give you the perfect consistency that is similar to that of whole milk. If your recipe calls for 1 cup whole milk, substitute by mixing ½ evaporated milk with ½ cup water. You can then go ahead and use this in the recipe. This substitute is suitable for; baking, pancakes, fried batters, smoothies, sweet sauces, custards, and coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How healthy is whole milk?

Whole milk usually contains extra vitamin D and skim milk. It is a good source of potassium which can lower blood pressure. Milk is a good source of protein too. One of the advantages of whole milk is that you can get a good amount of protein from just one glass. This however does not contain any added fat.

Is whole milk good for your skin?

Yes. Diary milk generally contains lactic acid. This is an alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) that is used in making many skincare products. Studies show that lactic acid helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth. By inference, whole milk is good for the skin.

Is whole milk good for muscle gain?

When it comes to building muscle, whole milk may be your go-to option. Scientists at the University of Texas Medical Brand in Galveston discovered that drinking whole milk after lifting weights helps boost muscle protein synthesis. This is an indicator of muscle growth. It was -2.8 times more effective than drinking skim milk.


Whole milk is very important in baking In fact it is quite important in our everyday activities. It is called for by a number of recipes. However, there are times when we may need a substitute for it due to one reason or the other. This article has put together five excellent substitutes for whole milk in baking. I do hope you found this helpful.