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Ginger Substitutes

Grated ginger can be expensive, so a great alternative is Crystallized ginger. Ground ginger is another excellent alternative. You can also use Allspice or Pumpkin pie spice. This article will cover the best methods for finding these spices and how to replace ginger in your favorite recipes. But which of these methods should you use? …

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Substitute Powdered Ginger for Fresh

Substitute Powdered Ginger

It’s normal to come across a recipe that calls for an ingredient you don’t have. But how many times have we panicked because the ingredient we have isn’t in the form of the recipe requests? Imagine dealing with a spicy sauce that requires fresh ginger and all you have in your pantry is the powdered …

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Fresh ginger root

Substitute for Ginger Root

Most of us are well familiar with Ginger Root. Notably, this spicy and flavorful ingredient, which has long been used in Asian dishes such as stir-fries and soups and Indian curries, has a lot of potential outside of sweet desserts. In addition, Ginger Root has a strong, almost peppery flavor that you can utilize to …

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