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5 Delicious Mayo Substitutes for Egg Salad

Although we enjoy the flavor of thick, creamy egg salad (made with full-fat mayonnaise) just like Grandma’s recipe, there are times when a few substitutions are necessary. One serving of egg salad contains 200-300 calories, and substituting low-fat mayo saves 50-100. If you want a lighter version of this classic Southern dish, or if you’re one of the few people who can’t stand mayonnaise, don’t have to sacrifice flavor and silkiness.

Despite being a simple and decidedly humble dish, egg salad is easy to get wrong. Proportions are everything, and that mostly means using the mayonnaise sparingly. Nobody wants sloppy, gloopy egg salad that oozes off the bread. Whether they’re self-proclaimed picky eaters or not, some people don’t want any mayonnaise at all, so egg salad without mayonnaise exists.

Even if I don’t understand it, I can respect it. Even though people adore mayo to an embarrassing degree, some occasionally find egg salad too much (probably because I adore mayo so much and always tell myself that a little more can’t hurt—patently false). Mixing chopped eggs with more eggs seems strange at times; that is primarily what mayonnaise is. Still, we reach for the Hellman’s/Best Foods jar regularly and can’t see changing it up except as an experiment.

Here are Five Mayonnaise Alternatives in Egg Salad

1. Greek Yogurt

Epigamia नेचुरल यूनानी दही, 400g : ग्रॉसरी और गॉर्मेट फ़ूड्स

For a good reason, most health food bloggers recommend Greek yogurt as the first substitute for mayonnaise or sour cream. Greek yogurt has numerous advantages; healthy fats replace unhealthy fats, and protein keeps you fuller for longer. Unlike mayo, however, greek yogurt has a tang that will affect the flavor of your egg salad. Make your egg salad with half mayonnaise and half Greek yogurt if you don’t want to make the full 1-1 swap. If you want to use the entire container of Greek yogurt, season it with salt and pepper and add a bit more mustard to your egg salad. Add the Greek yogurt in small amounts, adjusting the flavor. On food safety, if you’re going to take your salad to go, make sure you have a cooler ready.

2. Cheese Ricotta

Impastata Ricotta Cheese 2 Lb : Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Have you ever thought about putting ricotta in your egg salad? This light and fluffy cheese may become your new favorite ingredient. Ricotta cheese is softer than most because it is made from leftover whey from other cheeses. While it may not be thick enough to replace mayo in your recipe completely, you could use half mayonnaise and half ricotta – or half Greek yogurt and half ricotta – along with a few seasonings to jazz up your egg salad. If you want to reduce the fat, some home cooks use cottage cheese instead of ricotta – it has fewer calories and produces a similar result. Again, add the cheese in spoonfuls to avoid accidentally skipping over your desired texture.

3. Avocado

Avocado HASS Bag Conventional, 6 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Foods

While avocado is not my preferred substitution, there are a few people who swear by the recipe. Avocados are high in healthy fats, so you can have a creamy egg salad without using mayonnaise. Yes, it will turn your egg salad green, but if you’re serving tea sandwiches to adventurous eaters, avocado and fresh herbs is an elegant way to dress them up. Add a whole mashed avocado for every six boiled eggs, and season with Dijon mustard, fresh chives or dill, and cracked black pepper for extra flavor. Try a squeeze of lemon juice or a drizzle of olive oil if your egg salad needs more liquid.

4. Hummus

Apis Original Classic Hummus, 181 g : Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Who would have guessed? If you enjoy hummus, you’ll love this simple mayonnaise substitution. Hummus is commonly made with chickpeas, tahini (ground sesame paste), lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic. It’s a thicker binding agent that keeps your egg salad hearty and spreadable while also extremely flavorful. If the hummus is too thick or dry for your liking, add another teaspoon of tahini or a drizzle of olive oil to balance the texture. Dip this egg salad with red peppers, your favorite crackers, carrots, celery, or baguette slices.

5. Vinaigrette

Veeba Vinaigrette Dressing, 320g (Pack of 3) : Grocery & Gourmet Foods

If you want to turn the tables on egg salad, Martha Stewart has a twist: replace the binding agent with your favorite vinaigrette. Of course, you can make your own with oils such as avocado, walnut, or hazelnut (milder flavors), then cut the oil with acidities such as red wine vinegar or lemon juice. Add seasonings, garlic, and fresh herbs, and whisk in mustard to make your egg salad flavorful. This version of egg salad will not stick together well, so use it if you’re going to top a leafy salad or make crostini.

How Long Should I Boil My Eggs?

Timing hard-boiled eggs can be difficult, but we can assist. We recommend steaming the eggs rather than boiling them, and we have a handy chart, so you (and us!) will never have to suffer the calamity of overcooked yolks again.

What are Some Recipes for Mayonnaise-Free Egg Salad?

1. Mayonnaise-Free Egg Salad

Instead of using the usual suspects to replace the mayo, this refined version mashes the eggs with rich, soft, caramelized onions and garlic. Get the recipe for Egg Salad Without Mayo.

2. Hummus and Tahini Egg Salad

Hummus and tahini give the eggs a lighter creaminess and extra protein, while red onions and chives add a crisp punch. Get the recipe for Hummus and Tahini Egg Salad.

3. Greek Yogurt Egg Salad

Another healthier take on the classic mayo-laden version, this egg salad uses Greek yogurt for the creamy component. If dill and celery aren’t your thing, experiment with other ingredients.

4. Ricotta Egg Salad

This time, Greek yogurt is combined with fluffy ricotta, Dijon for zing, and a bit of red bell pepper for sweetness and crunch.

What is the Shelf Life of Eggs? Also, Included is a Simple Hack for Testing Freshness.

When it comes to storing eggs, there are a dozen ways to do it right — and the answer to how long these protein-packed ovals last isn’t as simple as you might think.

The shelf life of eggs is determined by whether or not they are refrigerated and when they are refrigerated. Then there’s the option of freezing them or keeping them on the counter (which is perfectly safe in some cases).

How Long will They be in Place?

Refrigerated eggs have a relatively long shelf life. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends storing eggs in their original carton and using them within three weeks for the best quality.

You can, of course, use the printed expiration or “best by” date as a quality indicator, but eggs aren’t a time bomb, and they may well outlast the printed freshness date.

More food for thought: In the United States, every carton of eggs sold has a three-digit code that indicates the packing date.

The information on the carton may differ slightly depending on the brand, but it is all there.

How to Keep Them?

The FDA recommends refrigerating eggs at 40°F (4°C) or lower. Keeping them on an inside shelf rather than in the door is preferable. (An inside shelf keeps the temperature consistent, whereas the door may not if you frequently open and close your fridge.)

Also, please avoid using the fridge’s built-in egg caddy and instead store eggs in their original cartons. Keeping them in this packaging will protect them better, keep odors from pungent foods from absorbing, and even keep moisture from escaping.

Are you not going to eat all of your eggs before they go bad? You can keep them in the freezer for up to a year. (Having your eggs frozen takes on new meaning in this context.)

However, eggs require some preparation before being placed in the deep freeze.

Before freezing eggs, the American Egg Board recommends removing them from their shells.

Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk them just until combined (try not to whip too much air into the mixture). To prevent the yolks from thickening too much in the freezer, add 1/8 teaspoon of salt or 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar or corn syrup per 1/4 cup of yolks.

Fill freezer containers halfway with the egg mixture, seal, label the number of eggs and the date, and freeze. Similarly, you would thaw milk (as in, put them in the fridge overnight).

How to Determine Whether an Egg is Fresh?

Using proper storage methods will keep your eggs fresh. However, if you buy eggs from a local farmer and want to know if they’re fresh — or if there’s a bad egg in the bunch — Steele has a quick test you can do: “A fresh egg will sink to the bottom of a glass of water,” she says.

Try it out! In a glass of water, place the egg. It’s fresh if it sinks. If it sinks but only stands on one end of the glass, it’s not as fresh but still edible. Toss it if it floats to the top of the glass.

What can I Use Instead of Mayo in My Egg Salad?

According to Google searches, the most popular substitutes for mayo in egg salad are yogurt and avocado. If you don’t like dairy or the idea of a tangy-tasting egg salad, the yogurt may not appeal to you. The avocado works, but it turns your egg salad green, which isn’t ideal from a visual standpoint.

Can you Make Egg Salad Without Mayonnaise?

Avocado is a delicious and nutritious addition to egg salad, and because it has a naturally creamy texture, you can eat it without adding mayo! If you haven’t tried avocado egg salad yet, it’s time to try something new.

Is it Possible to Put Worcestershire Sauce in Egg Salad?

Place the hard-boiled eggs in a bowl. Combine mayonnaise, salt, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard in a mixing bowl. My secret ingredient (or, at least, my mother’s secret ingredient) is Worcestershire sauce. It imparts a delicious salty flavor that is ideal for egg salad!

How do you Make Sour Cream Egg Salad?

Combine the sour cream, lemon juice, mustard, and chive in a mixing bowl. Mix in the chopped eggs and season with salt and pepper to taste. We should top half of the bread slices with spinach and the other half with egg salad. Cover with a slice of bread and top with microgreens and chive.

Are Eggs Nutritious?

Eggs are a high-quality protein beneficial to your brain, liver, and eyes, and they are an important part of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation.

How Should Egg Salad be Served?

Egg salad can be served in a bowl as a low-carb meal, on a sandwich, pita, or wrapped in lettuce. Egg salad is also delicious in stuffed avocados!

What’s the Deal with My Salty or Bland Egg Salad?

Refrigerating egg salad allows the flavors to meld and become more subtle or bland. Make sure to season with salt. When it comes to salt, always use kosher salt for the best flavor!


So, as you have seen, plenty of delicious mayonnaise substitutes are available, whether you’re out of mayonnaise or trying to cut back on calories.

Experiment with some of the above options to give your favorite recipes a mayo-free twist.