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How Long to Cook a 4lb Pork Loin

The pork loin is a big cut that goes down both sides of the spine from just below the shoulder to the thigh. The meat is then cut up into the various chops and roasts available. When a recipe calls for pig loin roast, it’s usually referring to a top loin roast, also known as a center-cut roast in some markets.

This roast is made from the center of the loin, where the meaty eye muscle is the largest and most uniform. It comes with or without bones. A boneless pork loin measures roughly five inches in diameter.

Pork is a widely consumed meat, and this includes pork loin. However, you may wish to learn how to prepare this dish to get its benefits. By reading this post, you will discover that making pig loin meat is simple.

How Long To Cook A 4lb Pork Loin

Pork Loin Nutrition Facts

Pork Loin Nutrition Facts

Why Pork Loin?

Let us now go over most of the advantages pork loin has to offer in terms of diet and nutrients. A few of these advantages are listed below.

Glycine Is High in Pork Loin- Glycine is abundant in pork. As a scarce nutrient, glycine is rarely present in animal meat. Glycine is primarily present in the skin of the pork. Pork skin has 11,919 milligrams of glycine per 100 grams of meat. Glycine can also be found in pig rinds and bellies. Even though glycine isn’t required for human survival, it has numerous health benefits.

It is Vitamin-packed- Pork is high in proteins and vital vitamins, including vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Vitamin B6 is essential for various functions, including red blood cell production, nervous system regulation, and cognitive functioning.

This is critical in reducing the likelihood of succumbing to anxiety and other mental disorders. Vitamin B12, on the other hand, aids in the synthesis of blood and brain function, and it’s typically present in animal-based foods.

Exercise Performance is Improved- Pork has a variety of nutrients that might help your muscles. Taurine, beta-alanine, and creatine are some of these nutrients. Pork contains beta-alanine, which is a good amino acid. Once ingested, this beneficial nutrient aids in the formation of carnosine, a key component in muscle growth.

As a result, if you want to improve your athletic capabilities, pork is likely to be on your menu. Pork meat has incredible physical health benefits.

Tips for Cooking 4lb Pork Loin

Consider these pork loin complements- Pork loin pairs well with certain flavors. Cumin, coriander, Chinese five-spice, white pepper, fennel, and curry powder are all excellent spices. Use it in a curry stew if you don’t like the porky taste (also known as boar taint) associated with pork. The spices will enhance the pork flavor, but the gamey flavor will be muted.

Pork is often served with apple, mustard, or honey sauces. Apples, peaches, and pineapples can also be used in roasts. Baked apples or roasted sweet potatoes are good choices for sides. Sauerkraut is a good addition to pig sausages because the acidity cuts through the fattiness.

Defrost completely- Pork should not be defrosted too rapidly (e.g., in the microwave or in hot water). It will cause your pork to dry out and become chewy. Defrost it overnight in the refrigerator.

Cooking 4lb Pork Loin

We’ll quickly move on to some preparation instructions now that we know what pork loin is and what it can do for our dishes and our health. These instructions will help you make a delicious pork loin dish in no time; try to follow them to the letter.

On the Grill 

It’s simple to prepare your roast for grilling. Trim the pork loin’s connective tissue (silver skin) first. Drizzle olive oil around the outside of the roast and season both sides with Smokey Mo’s BBQ Spice Rub. Apply the spices to the ribs and rub them in. Trim and rub the pork loin up to 24 hours ahead of time. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before grilling.

One side of the grill will be lighted brightly, while the other will be dimly lit or unlit. Use the high-heat section for direct cooking (to get a crispy crust and char) and the low-heat region for indirect cooking to the correct interior temperature.

Over the direct fire, sear the meat for 5 minutes per side. After that, switch to indirect heat. Cook the pork for 1 to 12 hours, or until the internal temperature reaches 145°F. Cooking time per pound is approximately 20 minutes. Choose mahogany for the outside and rose pink for the interior.

The pork loin will be quite hot when taken from the grill. Allow 15 minutes for the meat to rest. The residual heat will finish cooking it, and the juices will sink in for the most delicious flavor. Serve cut into 14-inch chunks.

In a Crockpot

Begin by purchasing a pork loin from a butcher or grocery shop. For this dinner, boneless chicken is preferred because it is quick and easy to prepare. Before you put your chunk of meat with the fat side up, spray the crockpot with cooking spray and add your onions. After that, season your pork, add some stock, and cover it.

When you return, ensure sure your meat is cooked to 145 degrees using a meat thermometer. You can always move your crockpot to the warm setting if it finishes sooner than you expected.

Using cooking spray, coat the bottom and sides of your crockpot. Cut your onion into circular pieces. Place the pork loin fat side up on top of the onions. Sprinkle a little extra virgin olive oil over the pork loin.

Season pork loin with garlic, onion powder, black pepper, salt, and paprika. Give it a brief rub to make sure the spices are properly dispersed. Pour two cups of broth into the crock pot’s bottom. Close the crockpot and cook the pork loin on LOW for 6 hours or HIGH for 4 hours. A meat thermometer should read 145 degrees Fahrenheit for the interior temperature.

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How Long To Cook A 4lb Pork Loin

Perfectly Moist Pork Loin

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  • 45 pounds of pork loin roast
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon pepper
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon onion powder


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Brush the pork roast with olive oil. Then season all sides with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. Place the pig fat side up in the roasting pan. 10 minutes of cooking
  2. Reduce the heat to 350°F and cook for 20 minutes per pound until the internal temperature reaches 145°F. Remove the roast from the oven and cover it with a piece of foil. Leave the meat to cool for 10 minutes. Slice the roast on a cutting board before serving.
  3. Pork, as one of the most popular meats in the world, has a variety of health benefits that have already been mentioned. As you can see, preparing a pork loin dish for yourself is not difficult if you follow the steps outlined in this article.
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