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How Long to Cook Pork Loin in Instant Pot

How Long to Cook Pork Loin in Instant Pot

Pork loin roast is one of the commonest types prepared for a large crowd. But not everyone has mastered the proper way to time this pork cut in an instant pot. Plus, many may be used to other techniques like the typical oven recipes or convenient slow-cooking method of the crockpot. But with the right guidance, timing, and making pork loin roast in a pressure cooker can be easy.

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Pork Loin Nutrition Facts

How Long to Cook Pork Loin in Instant Pot

Why Use an Instant Pot?

If you’re already used to traditional roast techniques like the oven or slow cooker, considering an instant pot can seem skeptical. But before you overlook the cooking method, check out the numerous pros it comes with;

It’s Straightforward: Instant pots hardly need complex instructions, so preparing the roast in one is hardly a bother. And the timing is plain and simple, without any need to recheck the recipe.

It’s Less Messy: Using an oven requires more than one pan, especially marinating. But you only need the pressure cooker itself for this recipe and nothing else.

It’s Quick: Pressure cookers prepare food so fast, you’d be surprised at how early the recipe reaches doneness. And most times, it cooks large cuts like the pork loin roast at half the time an oven will.

Steps for Instant Pot Pork Loin

Pork loin roast takes such a short time in the instant pot; you can make it in the twinkling of an eye. And once you’ve followed the simple steps, you can sit back and let the appliance do all the work. And if you’re not sure about how to start, here are the simple guidelines;

Prepare the Pork Loin

Start by bringing the roast out of the fridge and sitting it at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. Cooking pork loin roast straight out of the fridge will extend the doneness time, so wait for the chill to get off first before you cook. Afterward, you’ll need to mop up any excess moisture from the surface with paper towels.

You may also be tempted to trim off some of its fatty layers, but ignore this thought. That’s because pork loin roast excels when this fat cap melts and bastes it in the pressure cooker.

Season the Pork Loin

Once the pork loin has been prepared, the next step is to season it with salt and pepper. Of course, you may also consider any combination of spices you prefer, but we advise that you keep it simple. Other ingredients will join the roast in the instant pot when it cooks, and you also want to enjoy the richness its juices contribute to the meat. So, take care not to overwhelm the dish with flavors.

Brown the Pork Loin

After seasoning, set your instant pot to SAUTE mode and heat some oil in it. Then, brown the pork loin on all sides in the oil to achieve a crisp exterior. The browning stage also provides a surface that locks in the moisture of the pork loin as it cooks. After you’re done with this step, add the remaining ingredients you’ve chosen, seal the pot and get ready to cook it.

Pressure Cooker Time for Pork Loin

A typical pork loin roast weighs about four to five pounds, and such size needs about 30 minutes to fully cook in a pressure cooker. Of course, this duration is subjective to the internal doneness temperature of the meat, set at 145F. Once the pork loin has hit this temperature, it’s ready for eating, so confirm it by checking with a meat thermometer.

NOTE: Don’t confuse pork loin with pork tenderloin; they’re two entirely different cuts of pork. A pork loin roast comes with a rich layer of fat at the top and lighter meat that cooks to juicy tenderness. But the pork tenderloin is smaller and thinner, plus they’re tenderer and cook at half the time. They’re also more expensive compared to pork loin roasts.

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How Long to Cook Pork Loin in Instant Pot

Instant Pot Pork Loin (10 Servings)

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  1. Remove the pork loin roast from the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. Then pat with paper towels and season generously with pepper, garlic powder, and salt.
  2. Program the instant pot to SAUTE and add the oil. Then, brown for five minutes per side and transfer to a plate.
  3. Pour the broth into the pot and scrape any brown bits at the bottom using a wooden spoon. Then, add the Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, and brown sugar.
  4. Set the trivet inside the instant pot and place the roast into it, with the fatty side facing up. Next, place the lid and secure it, then seal the valve.
  5. Program the instant pot to MANUAL and cook the roast on high pressure for 30 minutes, or until the internal doneness hits 145F. And once the time is up, leave the pot for 15 minutes until the pressure is naturally relieved, and vent the valve.
  6. Rest the pork loin roast on a cutting board for 15 minutes. At this point, you can thicken the pan juices into a sauce.
  7. Serve the roast in slices garnished with fresh rosemary sprigs and drizzled with the sauce.

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